Lagos Bishop accused of rap*ng female pastor twice and thre*tening her - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Lagos Bishop accused of rap*ng female pastor twice and thre*tening her

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A married church founder named Bishop Daniels has been accused of raping an assistant female pastor at his house in Lekki, Lagos
Daniels, who is married with children, allegedly raped the 22-year-old pastor on two separate occasions, the victim told Punch.

The Bishop had summoned the assistant female pastor, who was based outside Lagos, to the Lagos headquarters of the church for a meeting.
She didn't attend because the meeting clashed with her brother's wedding.

As a result, he summoned her to the headquarters again to punish her but he ended up raping her twice, the victim claimed.
She told the publication: "He wanted me to attend a meeting and the date clashed with my brother’s wedding. So, I didn’t attend the meeting and as punishment, he ordered church members at my branch not to celebrate my birthday and instructed me to report to the church’s headquarters in Lagos for punishment.
"So, I went to his house in Lekki for the punishment and when I got there, he said I should strip naked because he wanted to beat me. He was alone at home. He saw that I was shocked at his statement and started making me feel guilty.
"He said his spiritual father tested him in many areas and after hours of contemplating, he became angry that I disobeyed him. So, I went into the guest room, took off my clothes and closed my eyes as I came out to meet him. He told me not to close my eyes, and ordered me to kneel as he sat on a chair.

"He saw my nakedness and said he wanted to test my loyalty and was not having sex with me. He told me to put my clothes back and after wearing them, he told me to take them off again and I did. He later told me to go and not tell anyone, but after leaving his place, I told some of our senior church members."
The victim said she returned home and after some time, Daniels called her to report at his residence over another incident.

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