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How Primate Ayodele Warned Against Deadly Massacre In Ondo Catholic Church

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It is indeed a black Sunday in Nigeria following the killing of church members in a catholic church in Ondo state.

News reports have it that the church members were about rounding off service when the gunmen started shooting sporadically. They gained entrance into the church, shot members dead and blew up the building with explosives planted in the church.

No one deserves to die in such a manner especially for the fact that they went to the house of God. It’s such an unfortunate incident against the church.

This will be the first time something of such will be happening in South west and it is in fulfilment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy to the church, South West and Ondo state generally.

In his 2022 prophecies which was released on Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2021, the man of God revealed that he foresees attacks on churches and mosques while warning Nigerians to fast and pray to avert the danger he foresees. He continued by saying Religious houses will have very terrible experiences in the year. This could be found on page 76 on the 90-paged prophecy booklet for the year 2022.

These were his words

‘’ RELIGION :The spirit of God says Nigeria needs protection. Nigerians should fast and pray from the 1 st to the 7th January 2022. The fasting and prayers must be religiously observed by individuals and groups so as to ensure stability and peace in our Nation. Let us be watchful as I foresee attacks on Churches and Mosques. The spirit of God said to me that Religious Houses will have terrible experiences in Nigeria. Government and Security Agencies must seek ways of ensuring religious peace and harmony.’’

Furthermore, on page 58, Primate Ayodele listed some states that will have security issues in the year and of course, Ondo state was part of it.

It’s very unfortunate that Ondo state had to go through this unpleasant experience, this is also a warning to the government to secure religious houses as the man of God had warned in order to avert these kind of incident.

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