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The Role Of Technology In Teaching And Learning

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Technology has played a vital role in teaching and learning in our world today, with the use of laptops, electronic boards, and projector in the classroom, teachers now act only as supervisors. Gone are the days when teachers have to stand in front of students and scream at the top of their voices just to make sure that the students understand what they are teaching. Technology has saved them that energy.

Technology has also made learning easier and faster for students. Students nowadays can go to the Internet for their assignments, which is easier and faster than checking thousands of books in the library.

Let me take you back to 2019/2020, during the covid-19 lockdown. Students were forced to stay at home until God-knows-when before attending classes. But our saviour, technology, came to the rescue. Thanks to technology. We can attend classes online and listen to broadcasts on television, radio, and so on. It is just like being in classes. If not for technology, only the Almighty knows what would have become of us when schools finally resumed.

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