Sister Nkiru sat before the pastor with a red face and a swollen black eye. - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Sister Nkiru sat before the pastor with a red face and a swollen black eye.

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'Pastor, it is that man I call a husband that did this to me.'
'You mean Bro Kilode did this to you! For how long has this been happening?'
'Pastor, I can't even remember a time when he wasn't beating me, the only good time we had was before our wedding.'
The pastor shook his head.

'You can go Sister Nkiru.'

The next day Pastor Atibebelo stood before the congregation smiling.

'Today, we're going to celebrate one of our committed pastors in this ministry, no other person than Bro. Kilode.'

Bro Kilode the wife b*ater was pleasantly surprised by this good gesture. It was true he was the most committed junior pastors, he deserved such commendation every now and then.

'Bro Kilode, can you kindly walk to the podium for recognition please. Ushers, please help him.'

Bro Kilode smiled like a periwinkle as he hurried to the podium. Five hefty men stood a few metres from him. 

'Church, to present this great award to our beloved junior pastor, I call on the church's 'Receive sense by fire' committee.'
Before Kiolode could make sense of what the pastor was saying, the five heavily built men grabbed him, lifted him up, and slammed him on the table. 
The pastor started. 
'Well, church, since some of our men here, falsely bearing the title of husband, have decided to be wife beaters and he-goats, we have decided to help curb such menace. We have set up the 'Receive sense by fire' committee to help out.'
The hefty men each pulled out freshly made skin whips locally known as koboko. 

The pastor continued. 
'So, to celebrate our beloved brother on his deserved feat as an accomplished wife beater, may the award ceremony begin.'
The flogging was long and brutal, interested members of the church were invited to assist in the deliverance session too. Sister Nkiru happily gave some well deserved whips. 
After Bro Kilode became unconscious, the church medical team took over and resuscitated him.

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