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‘Finesse’ crooner Pheelz signed to Warner Records

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Nigerian music producer turned artiste Pheelz has signed a deal with Warner Records, an American record label, following the success of his latest single, ‘Finesse’.

“Having my music get that kind of attention and open that door for me is a blessing. I still have whiplash,” Pheelz told Billboard. He added, “I haven’t been able to process everything.”
Speaking further in an interview with the magazine, the producer, born Philip Moses, recounted that the ‘Finesse’ video was recorded with an iPhone, after which he shared it on TikTok.

“I made the ‘Finesse’ video. I made it right here in my studio with just my iPhone, and I posted it on TikTok. That’s the kind of power we have as creatives now, and it’s amazing, it’s beautiful,” he said.

Nonetheless, Pheelz admitted that “it has its challenges.”

The producer also expressed his wish to collaborate with American rapper Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna or Drake on the remix.

“I know she’s a rapper, but I think Cardi B can do something amazing on ‘Finesse’,” he told Billboard. “I think Ye as well definitely Ye. If I get Ye on ‘Finesse’, I’m going to lose my mind. Cardi, Ye and the third one would be between Rihanna and Drake.”

‘Finesse’ currently sits at Number 5 this week on Billboard’s U.S. Afrobeats Songs chart.

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