Stop using church money to do 'Omo Jaiye Jaiye' — Bishop Oyedepo warns Nigerian pastors - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Stop using church money to do 'Omo Jaiye Jaiye' — Bishop Oyedepo warns Nigerian pastors

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The founder of Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has urged Nigerian preachers to treat what he calls 'God's money' with respect.

"One of the worst diseases in ministry is money disease," Oyedepo said during a session at the ongoing Church Growth Conference, a gathering of prominent religious leaders in the country.

"I used to know an individual that had the cheque book of his church in his hand and pays for clothes from it.

"A member of our church was the person doing the fashion for the man, was concerned because he knows what we teach.

"'Excuse me, sir, this is how he is paying for these things, from the church's cheque' and there were no these kind of things then. It was cheque we used, there was no way to transfer anything then. 

"I said, 'My God, this is an error. It is an error. He is indebted beyond the throat today. Don't abuse God's money. It is a risk.

"Church money is not your money. I know you are a founder. I was also a founder, if they call me so, because I will never call myself founder. Stop doing 'Omo Jaiye Jaiye' with God's money. Why? It is not safe. 

"I am not a signatory to any account in this church today, by the grace of God. The financial report for last year, I don't know where I put it and I have not read it. They gave me the one for Lagos. I don't know where I put it.

"You know why? That is not where my heart is."

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