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APC, PDP Crisis: Labour Party remains the third force

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As the internal crisis rocking the two major Political Parties in Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People's Democratic Party (PDP), fester on, Labour Party has said that it has reposition itself as the third force that will take Nigeria out of its various challenges.

Labour Party in a release signed by the Directorate of Media and Publicity, Office of the National Publicity Secretary, called on Nigerians to vote for the Party and all it's candidates during the 2023 general elections.

LP said it is ready to lead the Nation from the mistake which the PDP and APC have made Nigerians pass through at every election year with the consequences of harvesting and reaping pains and gnashing of teeth by the people.

"Since Nigeria became a Nation, access to National wealth and Economic opportunities have been deliberately and consciously cornered by a very negligible percentage of the Nigerian population who were highly visible, frighteningly powerful , deceitful and sinfully rich through very many webs of high wire Political conspiracies . 

"They have since then deliberately kept transferring power and Economic opportunities to their political and biological descendants .

"This is exactly why Labour Party seeks your massive support in its bid to put an end to this unending political slavery now that Labour Party is set to become the vehicle for the desired deserved and wanted change in the shape and character of Governance as fellow citizens for our mutual benefits.

"Labour Party , the most peaceful, the most persistent constructive critic of inadequacies of past Governments up to the present. As a responsible opposition, capable and competent political party , LP has for long and up to now put its all in helping to give directions as its contributions to improve Governance across Nigeria. 

The Party added "With the current acquired unequaled strength of experience of Labour Party , what can be more beneficial to all Nigerians than to completely reset their minds to vote for Labour Party in 2023 to herald in , a New Nigeria under Labour Party Government?

"It is a truth that the consequences and policies of the Government directly touch all the emotions of Nigerians .. loyalty, hope, love, hate and very many more that grow despair , criminal tendencies and depression in the people. Labour Party has for long fully researched the inadequacies of Governments in Nigeria , past to the present and has come to boldly and confidently assure Nigerians that the needful capacity to efficiently and very adequately react to all of these short - falls in Governance are available far much more than any other political parties on offer in Nigeria.

"The era of recycled political racketeers, who are strictly merchants without commitment and conscience for the governed must be collectively brought to a final stop through the ballot.

The Party thereafter urged all Nigerians "to decisively and massively align with Labour Party in 2023.

"Labour Party with all sense of duty and responsibility offer to lead the Nation move away from the habitually delivered mandate of mistake which the evil of greed for poisonous generosity of the slavish stomach infrastructure have consistently made to become the lots of Nigerians every election year with the consequences of harvesting and reaping pains and gnashing of teeth by the people.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/i6ogJ5N4odY

"Nigerians are as at now conditioned to the political fraud wrongly accepted and voted for , this has gone for too long and the time is now for voters to capitalize new path towards a new Nigeria being championed by Labour Party towards 2023 by massively voting rightly said wisely for Labour Party and comfortably ride into a new Nigeria of plenty , prosperity and peace.

"Labour Party says that Nigerians now have no tenable or any reason to fail to vote Labour Party in 2023. 

"This is the one and only way to defeat the recurring regrets that voters reap in the past elections . Labour Party is the best choice in 2023 , the party that stands out and tall as the most electable to raise the bar of good Governance in this Politically caged Nation . Yes, without any doubt , Labour Party offers the greatest and the widest hope for Nigerians towards 2023 to finally and successfully remove Nigerians from the pains and disappointments the Political slave drivers that have for long been in Governments and power mortgaging the growth and development of the Nation and citizens

"Nigerians should in 2023 massively use their votes to finally reject the ever - migrating and ever - porting rich political Goliaths changing parties into APC and or PDP at every election year for the singular aim of deceitfully retaining power for their selfish selves and political class . 

"These highly devious Political immigrants and inbox / outbox power chasers are in either APC or PDP every now and then strictly to confuse the voters with the calculated insincerity . The two in one political party of APC/PDP , which are one and the same share a single objective of forming very very unfriendly political Government of traders.

"Nigerians should firmly with strong determination reject this political two parties - one - face , one attitude APC /PDP jinxed parties peopled by unrelenting political vampires.

"These are political parties with the same objectives and aims shared religiously to steal Nigeria dry , they have been at this democratic robbery for about 24 years.

"This two - in - one APC / PDP political Parties' share the same set of bad characteristics that have consistently troubling the well - being of Nigerians , these include but not limited to ......Treasury looting , fuel scarcity , very explosive National Insecurity , regular dislocation in the Education , Health , Energy including Environmental and sectors and very many more that we all as Nigerians silently with docility highly and regularly suffer from so often that they have now become part of our culture. 
"This two- in - one APC /PDP Parties have continually by their deliberate and arranged policies in Government been rendering the people poorer as they , their political descendants and Associates keep getting richer . As the Leaders of this APC/PDP two - in - one parties move personal monies in bullion Vans across the town ,they keep travelling all over the world for the smallest medical cares while the impoverished and socially limited less privileged Citizens forcefully reduced to embracing every dangerous but available forms and means of care through completely unregulated local herbs which of course result in millions of avoidable death to the ordinary Citizens.

"A very sad large number of poor , ordinary and less privileged Citizens , young and old die in droves as a result of very many careless , reckless , corrupt and visibly avoidable policies of Government sadly lacking in any compassion or fair feelings for the people.

"It is clearer now that Nigerians have come to know the evils the two - in - one APC / PDP political Parties represent . In almost all the parameters for measuring good Governance , the two - in - one APC/PDP political Parties in their past wasted 24 years of incompetent rule , they have fallen far very short of every expectations and standards , what have remained scarce in public affairs under the Governments of the two- in - one APC/PDP parties are thriving Socio - Economic policies, Citizens' trust and Confidence, open , transparent, honest responsible , caring and credible ones in Leadership , also lack of principles , commitment, focus and sincerity.

"What is the way out of these catalogue of woes ?. Definitely , it is not either passivity or idle talks. Nigerians must vote strongly and massively for Labour Party and stoutly reject the two - in - one APC/ PDP Siamese twins in 2023 .

"Every voter must by conviction shun all forms of stomach infrastructure and evil cash , material generosity demand your vote for cash. Nigerians should refuse to sell their votes , it poses a potent peril for the realization of a beneficial delivery of fruitful mandate. Nigeria must act as a body to willingly and massively vote for Labour Party in 2023 to march forward into the new prosperous Nigeria that we all deserve .

"Labour Party seeks the trust of the voting public and request to be fully accepted with very strong conviction by the electorate in voting rightly and wisely for Labour Party in 2023.

"Labour Party is set to become the vehicle to bring to an end , the usual and unending politics of deceit and insincerity the two - in - one APC/ PDP political Parties Keep wickedly forcing on Nigerians . Let us work together and defeat the fully dishonest political Merchants and traders in the two - in - one political parties .

"Nigerians should not be deceived again into voting mandates to be regretted for the next four years. No one should allow greed for slavish generosity because no matter how much you regret after the election , it won't make any difference . There is no consideration or compensation for "if I had known" in this World.

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