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3 Govs Placed Under Watch By Security Agencies Over Plot To Destabilise Nigeria

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Three serving governors in the country have run into trouble with security agencies over their alleged plot to incite violence that may engulf the northern part of the country, if not checkmated.

The three governors, who are in their final term of office, are reportedly drawn from the North East, North Central and the South-South geopolitical zones of the country.

The three governors, according to information available to Vanguard, clandestinely met in a secret location and mapped out their plan to stage a nationwide protest that would take the form of the 2020 #ENDSARS protest and bring the nation to its knees with a view to making Nigerians kick against the current administration and force a change.

Under the plot, which a foremost security agency is monitoring, the North East governor is to kick start the groundwork for the planned mass protest with a meeting with key stakeholders from the North in Kaduna with the allegation that the government has marginalized certain groups in his state and should be rejected in the 2023 polls.

On the other hand, the two vociferous North Central and South-South governors are to tackle the federal government for ‘woefully failing’ to provide basic needs for Nigerians in the areas of fuel, power, and education for children while promoting an ethnic and religious agenda at the expense of national interest.

Apparently acting the script, the North East governor reportedly met with several interest groups such as civil society organizations, labour leaders, students and disgruntled politicians in Kaduna earlier in the week to seek their consent for the planned mass protests

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