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How Primate Ayodele Told Oba Saheed Elegushi That He Will Be Bereaved In December 2021

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Due to the frequency of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy, I find it difficult to believe them or pay attention. Most of us are used to believing prophets that speak on politics majorly but Primate Ayodele speaks on every aspect of the society. This further fueled my disbelief because I never expected someone to have knowledge about every sector of the society but my disbelief has just been conquered with the fulfilment of Ayodele’s prophecy on the traditional sector.

I may not be a lover of this man of God but I follow most of his prophecies. Maybe one day, I would be able to pinpoint one or two that didn’t come to pass. In December 2021, he released his new year prophecies as usual but one surprising thing is it was a 90-paged document that looked like a term paper.

Other prophets I have been following didn’t say anything about 2022 so I had the time to read Primate Ayodele’s prophetic ‘term paper’ for the new year. Of course, it talked about all aspects of the society just as the man of God has always done. In the book, he talked about telecommunication, sports, politics, education, individuals, traditional institutions, government establishments, and several others.

I paid close attention to the traditional rulers more because we believe they are more like traditional worshippers, therefore, I wanted to know what God told Primate Ayodele about them. In this sector, he mentioned the names of prominent traditional rulers and said what will become of them in the new year. Oba Saheed Elegushi, a socialite and powerful Lagos king was part of them and this man of God revealed that He needs to pray against being bereaved in the new year.

When I saw this, I didn’t believe it because Elegushi we know is a powerful king who is still very young, has young wives and children, his father is dead so what could lead to him being bereaved in the new year? I thought I would be able to shame Primate Ayodele for giving such a prophecy at the end of 2022 but unfortunately, that dream of mine has been cut short.

These were Primate Ayodele’s words

‘’OBA ELEGUSHI OF IKATELAND : The Spirit of God says the Monarch must pray for the Family against negative happenings and must seek for God’s protection. He must also be careful against blackmailing. He must manage his Kingdom very well so that his efforts can be appreciated and his desires achieved. He must also pray not to be bereaved. There will be a crisis against his family. The king will be well known but needs to pray to live long’’

Sadly, news making rounds on the internet this evening confirmed that Oba Saheed Elegushi has lost his only son who was born in 2020. This is definitely not good news for the king and it hurts more because the man of God truly warned against it earlier.

I have come to a conclusion that either we hate or show bitterness towards Primate Ayodele, he has become a prophet whose prophecy cannot be gambled with. It’s either you listen to his warnings and work on the solution he provides or leave his prophecy and allow it to happen.

I console with Oba Saheed Elegushi on this painful loss of the heir to his throne but I feel this could have been avoided if prayers were made when the man of God warned three months ago that he sees something unfortunate as this happening.

Could it be that the King underestimated the prophecy of this man of God or some of his aides who definitely saw it don’t like the prophet? All that doesn’t matter now because the unfortunate has happened.

I also need to add that his 2022 prophecies come to pass everyday, I don’t know how he does it but this is definitely not ordinary, it’s beyond physical.

Going forward, we as human beings need to listen to warnings of God’s prophet like Primate Ayodele to avoid another sorry case like this.

May the soul of the young lad rest in peace, Amen.

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