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Chinwe Edith - Ceo Of Chizz Wears Almost Hacked To Death For Ritual Purposes

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There was chaos everywhere on the 21st of Nov 2021 as Popular fashion House CEO Edith Chinwe Mobuogwu screamed for help from her Neigbour’s .

Apparently she has just been hacked and stabbed multiple times by what seems to be unknown gunmen / kidnappers or men with ritualistic intentions .

Nobody knows why this gruesome act had to happen to her because she is described by many as an industrious fun and loving girl .

Luck however ran out of her attacker when she was able to over power him and rushed out to get help from Neigbour’s .

It was then people were alerted and it was discovered that she has been stabbed multiple times and intended to be used for rituals by the landlords Son IGAH TEGA GODWIN (Pictured below ) who is just 14years old .

According to eyewitness witness on the scene , Edith Chinwe passed out covered in blood with a nylon bag over her head . She was immediately rushed over to Pearl clinic in Warri where she was treated before been taken Gateway hospital and then general hospital in warri .

As at the time of filling this report it was gathered that the perpetrator of the crime hasn't been arrested . He is still roaming the streets of warri walking free .

We want to use this medium to call on the the Commisioner of police in delta state to intervene in this matter .

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