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Oni Of Ife Would Not Accept Any Disrespect For His Beloved New Queen, Ashley

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Despite the fact that Oloori Naomi is the first Queen in the palace, she and her family members who reside with her are well aware that the most recent Queen Ashley cannot be tamed.

According to journalist Kemi Ashefon, everyone knows Ashley is a no-go zone, and the Ooni would not accept any disrespect for his beloved Ashley.

Ashley was announced as the next queen during the Ooni's 47th birthday celebrations in October 2021. While presenting her vote of appreciation during the king's surprise celebration, Oloori Naomi recognized the presence of certain queens in the palace.

Ashley was dubbed the Princess of the Source, and she wished for more queens in the castle.

When Oloori Ashley referred to the monarch as "my crown" in her birthday shout-out, many of the Ooni's social media followers were taken aback.

Meanwhile, Oloori Ashley, a blue-blood, has succeeded in bringing smiles to the faces of orphans, widows, single mothers, and the less fortunate in society through her non-profit organization, Afolashade Ashley Adegoke Foundation.

Queen Ashley referred to herself as a Princess of the Source at all times.

On her Instagram page, she writes, “I am a princess of the source of Oodua… Aya Osha, Aya Adimula, Aya Olofin, Omo Olofin who can NEVER be duplicated, imitated or intimidated… Call me PAAA.. AFolasade Ashley ODU Aya Orunmila ”

She also posts a flashback shot of herself in a royal chair at the Ile Ife palace from 2017.

She wrote on the post, “#throwback2017….To be a shinning STAR… it comes with confidence… you must know WHO you are, WHERE you are from and WHAT you carry… don’t run anyone’s race… run yours.. shine your own light, follow your own path, don’t worry about any darkness or negativity because that’s when the stars shine the brightest… Aya Osha … Aya Adimula… Omo Oba… So proud of who I am… AFolasade Ashley ODU Aya Orunmila.

This proved that her love for the monarch had been functioning prior to the previous and present queens.

On December 7, 2021, Oloori Ashley posted on Instagram to commemorate the king's sixth birthday: 

Six years has flown by so quickly, I see and pray for many more years to come on the throne of your forefathers Omo Ajinaja Ogun. Akande Mii Ajiwe Fun’Osha, Okirikiribiti, Dagunduro Oko ODU… Iti Omo Irumole, Ekun ton fin tori tori, Ekun ton fin tiru tiru, Adigimala awo funfun, while others search for what they can take, you have taken the weight of the world on your shoulders and always search for what you can give back. Your ascension on the throne has changed a lot of lives not only in Ile-Ife but the entire black race.

A true King’s power is his compassion which you show effortlessly. We acknowledge the good that we have in Yoruba land which is you my crown jewel and for us, it is the foundation for all abundance. Ade a pe lori yin, Ase a pe lenu yin, thank you for all you do for humanity. To many more years on the throne of your forefathers, in good health and in abundance of wealth. I remain Aya Oba, ODU Aya Orunmila, Aya Oosha, Aya Olofin Adimula, Omo Oba

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