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The Youth Leader Hong Local Government Area, Adamawa state, Ikamu Hamidu Kato, on Friday wept uncotrollably when he was docked for allegedly insulting President Muhammadu Buhari and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Gida Mustapha.

The 41 year old  Youth Leader and resident of Wuro Dole in Hong LGA, described Buhari and Boss Mustapha as useless human beings and specifically called SGF bastard and a dog in a video he posted on social media on the 10th July, 2021, which went viral.

Kato in a video clip he produced and posted on his Facebook page on that fateful day, and watched by NEWS PLATFORM, rained serious insults on the SGF and blamed Mr. President for appointing him in that capacity.

But according to the complainant, the video generated so much public outcry, tension and breached public peace more especially between the supporters of the President, SGF on one side and those of the accused person on the other side.

It alleged that the defendant created so much tension across the state that it took the intervention of the Department of State Security Service (DSS) who calmed down both factions, so as not to take laws into their own hands by channeling their grievances to the appropriate authorities.

It said that the timely intervention of DSS promted many non-governmental organisations who petitioned the department, and urged it to investigate the matter so as to serve as measures to prevent the agrieved factions from disrupting public peace.

The prosecution informed the court that the action of the defendant amounted to the use of insulting or abusive language contrary to section 385 and inciting disturbance contrary to section 80 of the state penal code law.

Kato was later invited, investigated and arraigned before Chief Magistrate Dimas Elishasma, led Chief Magistrate court 4 in Yola by the DSS through the office of the Attorney General and Commissioner Ministry for Justice in the state.

The defendant told DSS that he had produced the video clip out of anger as a result of the hovering of military jets over the people of Hong LGA few days after attack on Dabna community in the area.

Earlier, when the charge sheet was read and interpreted to the defendant in Hausa language as prayed by the counsel to the complainant, M. A. Adamu, Senior State Counsel 2, the defendant admitted committing the offence.

Thereafter, M. A. Adamu, urged the court to adjourn the matter to enable him call a witness and tender exhibits in order to corroborate the plea of the defendant.

Ruling on the application, Chief Magistrate Dimas, granted the application and adjourned the case to the 2nd August, 2021 for hearing and ordered that the defendant be remanded at a correctional facility till then.

But Kato had while in the dock, wept profusely while pleading guilty to the allegation levelled against him, and further admitted that he actually did it and he is regretting his action.

It took extra effort of the presiding judge to calm him down where he urged him to stop weeping as court is not a place of killing people.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Editor,

    When is Nigeria now an autocratic state without freedom of expression?.
    There is Freedom of Information act in use as in other sane Cline

    Which one is worse,to perpetually loose one's loved ones to senseless bandictory without remedies nor adequate security measure or to cry out load to make persons in authority realize that leadership is missing?

    Mr.Jato need not weep.He has laid his mind bare on the missing leadership from the persons he voted and expected much from.
    He kept the law of conscience.

    May I remind Nigerians that the speed at which DSS monitors and swayed into tracking,arresting and prosecuting those who demands governance from their elected leases should be tripped attending to bandicts,Bokoharam and corrupt leaders.

    I'm sure those local governments already residing the flags of authority by insurgencies in Niger,Nassarawa,Zamfara, Borno etc, should be a ficus of recovery for the Mr President and cabinet by the DSS,defence squares.

    The nation is bleeding ,and masses becomes scavengers to search for foods from the dunghill .Things no longer at esse.
    If there's is no food for the tables,neither health to the bones of the downcast,let them have freedom to cry ,such brings relief,at least.