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LG Poll: 'I Won't Be Distracted From The Race' Says Sembol

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It has come to our knowledge a purported petition written by some faceless or rather non-existent group in Odeda local government.

According to Hon. Semiu Bola Lawal
Campaign Organization, Ordinarily one should not dignify such pseudo and gutless characters with response. But out of respect for the personalities like the respected party chairmman, our Chief of Staff, Honourable Commissioner for Health and other reputable individuals mentioned in the said petition, some clarification will be made.

Firstly the poorly written tales by moonlight never represented the events that happened before, during and after the screening of Odeda Local Government aspirants for the upcoming local government election as announced by the party leadership.

As we all know, the party leadership never gave any Committee the power to conduct elections for the purpose of selecting the party candidate. So, where these confused people get the results being circulated is unknown. To the best of my knowledge, the screening Committee never released any results for or against any aspirants. 

Aside from the fact that  Hon. Semiu Bola Lawal enjoy wide acceptance among the party faithfuls, he has remain a strong stakeholder in Odeda local government project. For the benefit of doubt, his coming into politics at grassroot has remained a project he is personally committed to as a men's of giving back to the society. A call to service to him therefore is not a do or die affair. 

It should be noted that as someone who has preached strict adherence to due process, he will definitely accept the decision of the party provided such decision followed the laid down process. He will not only accept a result of such, he will support and work with anyone who so emerged under a free and fair circumstances.

Therefore, attempt to name-drop people's name or stampede others out of the contest is not only bad for our polity, it will rob off our system the opportunity of having collective support needed to move our local government forward.

His adoption by other aspirants was borne out of strong belief that continuing on the foundations he has laid as the best way forward for the development of our local government. 

Once again, I urge everyone to play their politics in such a way that will be beneficial to our overall development and not the Pull Him Down ways.

It is on this that I call on my supporters to remain focused and unperturbed in the face of current intimidations by your detractors.

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