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Angry Bees Chase Fulani Gang Leader, Wakili In Ibarapa

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Angry bees chase away Iskilu Wakili, a notorious Fulani gang leader, terrorising Ayete community in Ibarapa

What government can not do, the gods of Ibarapa have done it. If Amotekun or police could not confront Wakili and his armed men, angry bees had done that and caused them to run away.

A report coming to us showed that the gods of Ibarapa have shown their vengeance by sending venomous ''no nonsense'' bees after Iskilu Wakili and his armed men who have been reportedly wrecking mayhem like kidnappings, killings, farm destruction, among others, in the villages of Ayete community. 

Yesterday, at a group meeting between Wakili and his armed men, in his domain (Gaa), angry bees, in their thousands, broke out of nowhere and stung life out of the gangsters. Wakili reportedly fainted in the process, and his armed men scattered all over with bees violently pounding on them repeatedly all over the places they ran to. 

It would be recalled that after Sunday Igboho's eviction of Seriki Fulani of Oyo State, Baale Odomofin who happened to be the royal father of the territory violently acquired by Wakili, had issued a quit notice for Wakili to leave his domain because of many atrocities he (Wakili) had been committing for almost 18 years he had spent on their land without permission from the land owners. But in rejection, Wakili and his armed men had shot at those chiefs sent to him by the Baale. 

To repel eviction, Wakili had reportedly invited his more deadly kinsmen to join him and wreck more havocs on surrounding villagers and their farms. Some reports even said Wakili placed armed men as snippers on nearby trees leading to his settlement, these armed men would repel any force coming towards them..

Unfortunately for Wakili and his armed men, their weapons couldn't save them from venomous angry bees. According to report from some villagers, ''angry bees stung them till some of them fainted and others ran away.''

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