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Unilorin Announces Resumption Date, Adopts Virtual Lecturing For Students

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As the year gradually comes to an end, many students are quite excited. First about the fact that there seem to be a glimmer of hope of returning to the classrooms in 2021. Most students are particularly happy about the news of resumption as many Institutions of higher learning have started releasing their resumption dates.

On the 31st of December, The University of Ilorin, Ilorin Nigeria released the date of her resumption, asking students who have outstanding examinations to prepare to write their exams as this will be conducted between the 25th Of January and the 4th of February in the year 2021.

The news that was released also made it clear that lectures will now be virtual as the school won’t be able to allow students in for now. From what was said, we were able to understand that the staff members were going to begin their training on how to communicate their lessons virtually, in order to reduce contact with students and consequently, the spread of the Corona Virus Disease.

To this effect, the 11th of January, 2021 was picked as the resumption date for students of all levels.
There have been mixed reactions as regards this decision especially due to the virtual learning that would be adopted.
The question many students are asking is: Are we really ready for this?

Knowing that it costs a lot to learn virtually. Data costs, availability of smartphones and even network issues can be an hinderance to the possibility of this new method of learning.

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