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SOUTH WEST SECURITY: Thread With Caution Labour Party Tells IGP

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The Nigeria Labour Party Leadership in its press briefing by his National Secretary Comrade Julius Abure has called on the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu to thread with caution in the South West. In his words, Comrade Abure said: 

"Labour Party have watched with keen interest the unfolding and brewing crisis in  South West Nigeria and advise the Inspector General of Police to thread with caution and employ a holistic approach to deal with the dicey situation in order to forestall a spiral effect across the country".

"The missing link has been government inability and the incapability of the Police Force to abinitio promptly investigate, apprehend, prosecute and deal with the menace of kidnappings, armed robbery, murder, rape and other heinous crimes purportedly committed by some criminal elements within the Fulani Herdsmen".

"The IGP must avoid a situation where the Police Force and the Military will be portrayed as taking side with criminal elements. The video making the wave across all social media where the military was seen excorting some Fulani Herders into the forest and chasing away the indegenious people from their community in Ogun State does not portray the state and the military in good light".

"The consistent complaints of how farms have been destroyed by the Herders, farmers murdered in their farms, wives and children of farmers raped in their farms is becoming too overbearing. At the moment across the country farmers cannot access their farms. Citizens can no longer travel safely on road, neither can they sleep peacefully with their two eyes closed for fear of being attacked. Government and indeed the Security Agencies are doing nothing to abate the situation".

"However, we must reiterate emphatically that when a government fails in his principal responsibility to protect the people, the people will have no choice but to  resort to self help to protect themselves. This is what is playing out in Ondo and Ogun States".

"This brings to the fore the need for the government to stop approaching the issues of security across the country with lip service. We fear that the already overstretched Police force and the military who are poorly motivated may not be able to withstand a national crisis".

"The failure of successive administrations and the current government to employ modern technology in animal husbandry is one of the reasons for the ongoing crisis in the South West. It is shameful that  in  this 21st century we are still talking about cattle grazing where children who ought to be in school are in the forest grazing cattles".

"North America is the highest producer of cattles in the world. It's cattles are produced and cared for in Cattle Ranches".

"We therefore renew our call on government to come forth with innovative ideas to deal with the security and other economic challenges confronting our dear country", Comrade Abure added.

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