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Our fathers were never Christians; they were never born again, so they served diverse idols, gods and goddess. They raised-up satanic altars and shrines; planted evil trees with demonic powers. They served marine (water spirits), practiced satanic traditions and cultures. They even eat and communicate with the dead (Deu 18:10-11). They consulted with familiar spirits; practiced occultism and killed lots of innocent souls with spiritual powers. Our parents or ancestors also practiced diverse kind of sexual immoralities and abominations of incest, rape, adultery and fornications, gay sex and lesbianism. They practiced human sacrifice and rituals. They practiced strong witchcraft, visited witch doctors and native doctors; and some became native doctors. *All these evil works and practices have serious side effects in the lives of everyone from such foundation or root* (Ezekiel 18:2).

Many families today suffer diverse sicknesses, afflictions, madness and premature death. In some families, they suffer a particular sickness; some die at a particular age. Many homes suffer barrenness, miscarriages or give birth to children with defects like epilepsy, blind, cripple, and so on. Some families suffer late marriages, broken homes, unwanted pregnancies, give birth to wayward children, bastards or children with crumpled destiny. Many other families suffer abject poverty, diverse accidents and incidents. Some are under strange curses, strong demonic covenants and yokes. *These are the side effects and consequences of the evil deeds of our ancestors* (Lev 18); and many ignorant people and Christians are suffering from it severely. *No one is free from it unless you break free*. We inherited so many powers from our parents while in the womb. *As it is physically where the children inherit some visible characters and behaviours from their parents even some diseases, so it is spiritually*. 

Many Christians believe that once one is in Christ Jesus i.e. when someone is born again, that old things including our root has passed away *but is not true*. Moses was highly anointed and very close to God but because of anger he didnt enter into the promise land; Why? He inherited anger from his ancestor, Levi; who was cursed because of his anger and it affected his lineage seriously (Gen 49:5). Jacob was a sub-plantar and his mother thought him that. His uncle, Laban dribbled Jacob many times (Gen 31). Jacobs children inherited it also. They deceived their father, Jacob by selling Joseph and soaked his garment with animal blood (Gen 37:31-34). The same happens in our society; evil characters are transferred from parents to children. Even in the church, lots of anointed men of God have not dealt with their root. They show the same evil patterns of their family line. When you repent, you must break the spiritual link; that is why deliverance you must pass through deliverance to cut-off from the inherited evil root and powers. The church in Corinth did not deal with their root, *though they were born again, the spirit is still there* (1 Cor 5:1-2). *For many Christians today, the problems they are facing is from their root*.  

*The place where you were born matters a lot in your life*. In many villages, especially people from riverine areas, have cases of marine. That is the god their fathers served and they torment the children from such area with poverty, barrenness, late marriage, disappointments, etc. Check it, *every village has a god their ancestors served*, and it affects the people born there. As a believer, you must break the link from the powers inherited from the village; you have to separate yourself. Abraham was called to leave his kindred and is fathers house because of the idols there. Many people in overseas are still linked to the gods of their village. This is why the society is suffering because the people are still connected their ancestral god.

Foundational powers have affected the lives of the youths of this nation badly. Yahoo yahoo (fraud), cultism and prostitution in our higher institutions *are strongly empowered by foundational powers inherited from the parents*. In universities, some carry their fathers or mothers spirit and they corrupt the rest because evil communication corrupts good manners. The parents of some of these children practiced frauding and prostitution in their youth age, some practiced cultism and thuggery; now their children in the higher institution have inherited it. *Most youth sent to school become spiritual terrorists* when they mix-up with youths strong foundational problem. That is one of the reasons politicians, rich men and women send their children abroad.

What are the events that occur repeatedly in your dreams that you dont understand? Dont overlook them or say it doesnt matter, it matters a lot. Some people are always visited by python in the dream, some use to see them self swimming in a river, thats marine spirit and it will remain with you until you fight and get loosed. If you dont want to suffer what your parents suffered, inquire today about your parents. Find out their past and the things that happened in their past lives, what they passed through in their lives. So that you will know the root of what you suffering today, *because children always suffer what their parents suffered* (Num 14:18).    

*To remove the burdens of your parents out of your life you need to engage in serious fasting and prayers with constant midnight prayers*. And this can take more than a week or even up to a month depending on how serious you are. There is no African root that is good or clean because our ancestors served idols and the idols is following their offspring everywhere they go, destroying things for them. Say no to their sins, refuse their sins, reject them, and cast away their yoke from your head; *but if you ignore it, it will continue lingering and it will follow your children also*. And if you dont destroy those powers you can never fulfill your divine destiny (Psalm 11:3). *To search out your root, you need God to open your eyes and show you all the hidden things you dont know about your root (foundation)*. The following bible verses are important in getting your deliverance: Jeremiah 33:3, Luke 8:17, Luke 12:2, 1 Corinthians 2:10-13, Daniel 2:22, John 14:26, 16:13. *Pray seriously with these bible verses with constant midnight prayers and mark your dreams*; if you are serious, God will start to reveal to you the root of your family and how you can be delivered from it.

*To get delivered, total repentance is needed*. Asks God for forgiveness, get closer to God and be committed to Him, then refuse the sins of your parents; tell yourself truth reject it and say no to it. Break and scatter all the links you have with them spiritually with the covenants and curses following them. Dont be an instrument in the hands of Satan because you will never benefit from it and you must pay severe for it. 

Most Christians dont tell themselves the truth. Many are liars, hypocrites and deceivers. Most of them today have one of their leg is in the church *while the other is in the water (marine) or witchcraft*. They have not separated spiritually from the gods their parents or ancestors served. They think they can deceive God, the God that created the eyes, can he not see?(Psalm 94:9). Being born again is when your body, your spirit and your soul say no to sin (evil) both spiritually and physically. Someone can be in the church for 20 years but it doesnt mean the person has repented. *If you really want to progress in life, search out your root today and know the powers following you then deal with it*. God will strengthen you to fight and be delivered from it if only you will tell yourself truth, leave hypocrisy and fight your way out (Psalm 18:34). 

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