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Popular Nigerian Pastor Warns Buhari Over New Protest With No Stoppage

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Primate Ayodele is obviously one of the best prophets in the world, he remains the one prophet that has a compilation of prophecies; he also has prophecies for every nation of the world and people in every sphere of life and endeavour. Some read his prophecies with mixed feelings, some doubt his prophecies but the blatant truth is that his prophecies keeps getting fulfilled.when he talked about gunshot and fire outbreak in villa, many people doubted it, but it happened.Last Year September he told the world about a sickness that will come from China, that will trouble the entire world ,though he had earlier prophesied the coming of the sickness in 2017 and 2003 respectively. The 2003 publication was in "New Nigerian newspaper ,he said that the sickness will "shutdown the world",didn't it happen?He prophesied the victory of Obaseki and the ouster of Oshomole, didn't they happen?You might not like him because everyone can never like you, no matter how righteous you might be.

Speaking to newsmen recently at the headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the said" the government should not think that have won the battle, Nigeria will witness the mother of all protests if Buhari does not change his service chiefs,the protest will shake Buhari so much, no amount of laws and regulations will stop the protest".He said that there will be killings and more kidnapping in the country and these will cause a lot of restivnes in the Nigeria nation he said  "Buhari will face more challenges as the economy of the nation will continue to crumble, his actions will cause great problems for Apc and there will be litigation against Nigeria by the international community,Buhari has dissapointed the masses, the people are not happy with him, the people working with him  need to advise him ,Buhari need to pray for his health, he also need to pray for his life ,people in Buhari  government will fight Buhari, Villa  will be bereaved "

Primate Ayodele still maintained the Chief Emmanuel okewulonu of PDP will still emerge the winner of the Imo North senatorial election,it can be recalled that INEC announced APC the winner, even without a candidate ,he told John Mahama what he needed to do in order to emerge the new president of Ghana,he failed to do it and he lost.

Some people were criticising Ayodele that he prophesied that Akeredolu was going to fail in his second term, those that are saying that didn't really read the full story, they derived their criticism from the headline of the story ,without reading the full details because the full details of the story never meant that. Ayodele has warned Aminu Tambuwal to be very very careful, he said "Tambuwal must really careful, he has a very good chance of becoming the president in 2023,but if he does not do what is required of him, he will only see the promised land but he will never enter it".The cleric said that Nigeria will qualify for the World Cup and the Nations cup but this coach can not take Nigeria to the promised land, he warned banks like, unity bank, sterling bank, Polaris bank stanbic bank, Fidelity Bank,Heritage bank and Wema bank, he said that CBN will be bereaved ,he said,"Nigeria should pray against the death of a deputy GMG ,I must state categorically that the affairs of the government in Nigeria are in the hands of the wrong people, Buhari does not understand what is going on in the country again:he is being deceived and nobody is ready to tell him the truth, international community will fight Buhari towards the end of his tenure ,covid-19 is coming again and the Nigerian government has not yet prepared for it, in 2030,another sickness will come that will shake the entire world".

These are the little highlights of the prophecies of Primate Ayodele, the full prophecies will be released on the 22nd of December.It is good to heed to divine guidance because the bible said in proverbs 29:18"where there is no revelation, people cast of restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom's instruction",if we really want to advance and make progress in Nigeria, we certainly need divine guidance because we are in this pitiable condition because we refused to adhere to God's leading and guidance.

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