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#EndSARS: Why Nigeria youths are just wasting their time

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#EndSARS: Why Nigeria youths are just wasting their time

#EndSARS: Why Nigeria youths are just wasting their time

#EndSARS: Why Nigeria youths are just wasting their time


The end sars campaign has been on for years, the different tenures of government have set a committee to reform the policing of the country, yet nothing substantial has been produced from such shambolic committees. On four different occasions, the special anti-robbery squad has been disbanded. Yet this so-called, agent of devil in human form, still hunts for innocent youths all around.

It might look like the government is dancing to the tune of the people as it is, however, the Nigeria problem regarding the policing of Nigeria cannot be overcome overnight. Of course, for the first in history in this fourth republic, Nigerians came out en masse to lend their voice against a just cause.

The last time I witnessed such massive gatherings across the country is usually during the election campaign. Nobody would have thought, the generation of lazy youths are standing up to voice out their pain beyond the phone as they being labeled as.

Now, the world is watching, everyone is listening, the government will say what the people want to hear, however, the problem still stands, the police themselves are caught up in the epileptic structure of government. The structure of the government gives rooms for the police themselves to take bribe and be brutal, the government still operates in the old fashioned way, from the training to their salary, etc.

To what end do we write that a police officer collects less than 40 thousand naira a month,  yet the cost of living increases on daily basis. with that , how do want that fellow to keep calm.

Nigerian youths are wasting time, of course, we have won this, on a long term basis, have we truly won? the training, the salary the kits, the stations are not properly funded … will all this change, we still have a long way to go…. #EndSARS

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