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Community Policing: AIG Ahmed Ilyasu Bags Awards Of Exceptional Professionalism

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Community Policing: AIG Ahmed Iliyasu Receives Award For Exc

AIG Ahmed Iliyasu has received an award for his exceptional professionalism in the Nigeria Police Force.

We gathered that that Iliyasu was awarded “ENFORCEMENT AND COMPLIANCE PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR 2020” by the executives of the Association of Enforcement and Compliance Professionals of Nigeria led by the Director-General cum C.E.O, Lawson, on Thursday, September, 29.

Lawson, in his speech before the presentation of the award, said, “the award is in recognition of the AIG’s Outstanding leadership and managerial skill, which has uniquely impacted on the society and improved National Enforcement and Compliance in Nigeria”. 
Meanwhile, the AIG in his response, stated that community policing is a strategy in which communities partner actively with the local police, identifying and prioritizing threats in cities, towns, villages, and streets.

Also, developing plans for addressing the threats, work with the communities to find solutions to these problems through partnership, problem-solving, and organizational transformation.

Iliyasu affirmed that the partnership will provide concise practice and effective community policing strategies through the right action, right conduct, right behaviour to ensure crime prevention, crime-fighting, and community intelligence.

Also present at the award presentation were, National Director of Training, Samuel Bamisaye; National Director of Administration and Finance, Omolola Igbafa; National Director of Events and Programme, Maremi A. Olofindana; and National Director of Logistics, Ayo Oluwole; alongside members of the National Association of Online Security Reporters (NAOSRE).

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