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VGN Arrests Serial Motorcycle Snatcher In Ogun

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…Specialised in telling his victims to look for N1000 change

Abeokuta- The men of Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Ogun Command has arrested one Hausa man who is specialised in snatching commercial motorcycles after he ran out of luck with Boxer brand with plate no:TRE 444 VF  in Ogun state.

According to the Command Admin Officer from Obafemi Owode local government, David Olatayo, the incident happened at Ibafo unit when two men on Okada were confused on how to get out of a closed street, which shows they don’t know where they are at the moment. 

The vigilant Vigilante officers suspected the panic in the eyes of the rider and his partner. They quickly stopped them for interrogation but they ran away with the Okada, immediately, they were followed running for miles, the suspects later jumped into the bush and stylishly changed their clothes to confused the officers pursuing them.

That was not enough to cajole them, as the two men saw that they were recognized, they again ran into the bush waiting for the coast to clear but failed again as one was apprehended and the other went at large.

The victim “Okada owner” later came shouting “thief, thief” he narated that two Hausa men stopped him early in the morning, he took them to where they called but was given N1000 and asked for change, the man said it was too early to get such change and told them to go but was forced to look for change.

He refused to look for change that they should go, he was suddenly hitted with a club on the head and the motorcycle was taken away until they ran out of luck.

The suspect, Muhammed Adamu, age 21, living at No. 2, Ola Street, Ogijo said they  choose Ibafo area as base to operate their nefarious acts, he confessed in pidgin English that his partner now at large was his master and mentor in the business.

The Suspect has since been handed over to Nigeria police force at Ibafo who promised to take him to court on Monday.

Among the VGN officers that carried out the arrest are L.G comander Shola Kuye, the unit Commander, Ige Opeyemi and David O.Olatayo, Obafemi Owode L.G Admin Officer.

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