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Facts have emerged on how Prosper Chukwuka Chukwuemeka Akubuike was finally arrested for a crime case of fraudulence. Anambra state born Prosper who claimes to be an Engineer and have an office located at Festac town, Lagos. He had some supply of goods from people and never wanted to make payment. A lady named Ann, among the people who supplied Prosper building materials (Cement, Iron, Granites, Hard core & Blocks) worth 2,380,000 in the month of May 2020, but he could not make full payment. He paid her 680,000 naira to balance 1.7milion.

 Since the first payment of 680,000, Prosper has refused to fulfill the balance of 1.7milion, he never pick calls, instead he threatened and insulted her. At his site when Ann met him, he ordered his security to send her away.

 He even threatened to send his tugs to go after me. We reported the matter to the Area Commander's office "area E" and immediately Prosper learnt of it, he went straight to Zone 2 and wrote a petition against me that i'm threatening his life. It was then we discovered his been using Zone 2 police to threaten his victims because he has or knows some people there, I also realized he has defrauded alot of people, Prosper told me that the AIG is his bosom friend, & the IG is also his friend that no harm can come to him and no police can arrest him either. That if they try it he will remove their uniforms, We went to zone 2, severally, no progress, infact at some point I lost faith in the Police at zone 2.

When I and my friends gathered ourselves together, the total amount he is owing us is 22 million naira. He gave some of us bounce cheque, but as God would have it, the woman assisting him in Abuja, he also defrauded her of 4 million naira and she traced him from Abuja down to Lagos state and arrested him on the 27th of August 2020 @ ikeja where he was hiding. He was arrend in court on the 28th August 2020.

The next sitting is 28th of September while he will remain in prison until he meets his bail condition of 2 million naira with 7 gaurantors. He has defrauded over 50 people, some of which  are widows, orphans, old men & women. But majority of his victims are women. Everyone he defrauded were all sitted in court.

 It was gathered that the arrest of the dreaded Prosper Chukwuka Akubuike took a lot of intelligence and professionalism displayed to track him who had several sim cards which he uses to perpetuate his criminal act.

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  1. Criminal it will not be well with your prosper..
    He is still bulling people in ago..