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The founder of Jesus Resurrection Prayer Ministry, Lagos,also known as"IKE KA IKE" prophet Favour Ugochuckwu has decried the pitiable condition in Nigeria citing that president Buhari is not the problem of the Nigerian nation. 

Speaking to newsmen at the Headquarters of his ministry recently in Lagos, he said that  Nigerians have never been pleased with any administration right from our independence until date; when Obasanjo, Yardua & Jonathan were there, we  still complained and that tells us that our problem is not really with the person  ruling us. 
Some top men of God in Nigeria are also responsible for the bad condition and the ill state of the nation, He said, "Blame some top men of God in Nigeria for not standing for the truth and speaking the mind of God. They lack the courage to tell our politicians the truth and advise them on  the right things to do.  How can you see a Governor that is not performing and you still sing his praises and rather than telling him to his face that he has failed. You see them going to Aso Rock for their own selfish interest, rather than going to speak the mind of God and standing for the truth. 

Nobody can deceive or contend with God, not even the most powerful government in the world. Moses stood against king Pharaoh of Egypt, by that time, Egypt Was The most powerful nation in the world and king Pharaoh was most dreaded king also,  Moses stood firm for God and God humbled Pharaoh ,all we need to put things right is to have a true prophet, A prophet of the nation like we had in the days of Elijah, what we mainly  have today are men of God who can not stand  firm and declare  what God  says because they go to govt Houses &  Aso Rock for their own selfish interest. In the Bible, Prophet Elijah  stood against four hundred prophets of Baal and four hundred and fifty Asherah prophets and  he refused to compromise. some of our top clerics can't rebuke people in government positions  because they get financial reward from them, he said. 

 It can be recalled that prophet Favour Ugochuckwu is the prophet that prayed for Mrs. Lola Oregbela, the woman that was afflicted with ten years pregnancy and she got delivered of a baby girl. The cleric also said that the church is no longer preaching holiness, Most men of God have suddenly become coveteous,they are no longer preaching righteousness and holiness like before; citing that everyone is now after prosperity,that's why the church has lost her fire. 
He said"it is intensely  painful and excruciating that most of our top and respected servants of God have derailed  from their calling ,giving attention to issues of frivolous importance. Many servants of God have lost focus, the love for wealth and materials things is really on the increase among clerics. 

The cleric implored servants of God to desist from occultism, he claims that many of them have different daities that they consult for power, miracles and prophecies. He urged them to desist from all those evil In other for Christianity in Nigeria to make impact. He further said that Nigeria will be a very good place if servants of God play the important role they are meant to play, if they stand for the truth and uphold what is right. God has given clerics the mantle of leadership, nobody can stand against the Almighty God because he has the power to do all things.

Finally he said that the extravagant lifestyle of some of our top clerics actually fascinated the government to the issue of the churches in Nigeria; that's why the government came up with the "CAMA" law, in order to check mate the excesses of the churches.
The  truth is that the affairs of the churches should remain spiritual and  sacred issue and the government shouldn't have any bussines to  meddle with it.

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