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Absolute dependence on God, never put your trust in man are great lessons from COVID-19 lockdown, Apostle Igene

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United States, US based Preacher, Apostle Courage Igene, a writer, a great intellectual mind, the Senior Pastor of All Nations Church Int'l, and the President of Joshua Generation School of Ministry has admonished Christians all over the world as churches re- open, to exercise faith instead of fear. And there should be absolutely dependence on God. Below are excerpts of his interaction with CLEMENT EMMA.

*How expectant are Christians in the US? 
The real Christians are full of expectation, rising above the lies of the wicked and taking their rightful place in God. The church needs to do everything right and allow uninterrupted process in keeping COVID-19 attacks away from its members as well as promoting nation building. We expect total trust from the government, they should trust the power and strength of the church coming together, they should not chase the church with any form of injustice anymore so that we can provide the collaboration expected.

*Has the re-opening of churches been marked with low turnout?
Yes. In many quarters, the return to church has been slow. Fear has been sown in the hearts of many through the media. Imagine being bombarded everyday that you going to die from a virus, after much listening, you will eventually believe. Repetition is the seed for persuasion. However, worshippers were all excited for a great come back as one big family. There is no fear in our heart and as for churches here in the States, God is in control already, the best of God's kingdom is about to emerge. Our come back and human management shall be the assignment of the Holy Spirit through us His ministers.

*Is there anxiety among worshippers? How do you intend to manage or how are you managing expectations from worshippers?
Anyone who is anxious has the seed of the Word of God sown in their hearts.  When God's Word comes, faith is born. And where faith is, fear cannot stay. And I want to believe that through faith in God's mercies we are super expectant especially for the best.

*Apart from the guidelines given by the government, what other things have you put in place to protect worshippers against COVID-19?
The church has its system and has put in place its own monitoring team within itself. This pandemic period has proven the church to be a law abiding institution. Therefore adherence to government and church guidelines shall be total because we love the people and we don't want anyone sick. I have hand sanitizers and face masks available at the entrance of the church for everyone interested.  The seats are spaced out a little compared to before when it was joined together to observe some distance.  Before when I preach, I ask them to shake or hug their neighbor, I don't do that anymore. I say wave at your neighbor.  I do all this not because of fear but because I'm doing what I can to abide to the guidelines and also for the sake of those whose faith is weak and still growing. When they see these steps taken, they have the confidence to come to church and I can have the Word of God preached to them so they can grow. Sometimes we have to use wisdom to win souls and do the needful as long as it does not contradict God's word and the worship that is due to Him.

*What lessons are you taking away from the lockdown?
Absolute dependence on God; secondly, never put your trust in man. Some left and some stopped coming to church till this day because they are scared to go anywhere people gather. The funny thing is that these same people go to work and grocery stores everyday where people gather and not afraid. Only when it comes to the Presence of God, they want nothing to do with it. I reserve my comments for such. We must all be in readiness for the unprecedented at all times, the great attacks on earth is that attack that happens to man unexpectedly and suddenly, so we must also learn that God rules the world and can allow whatever He wants to allow to happen.

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