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Save Us From Deadly Bakery Pollution - Soyinka Community Cries Out | Metro | Amebo Newspaper

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Residents of Baabo-Ilugun, one of the rural communities around Prof. Wole Soyinka's house behind Kemta Estate in Abeokuta, have called on Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State to rescue them from the deadly fumes and noise emanating from a bread factory within the area.

The bakery, named Hephzibah has been in operation for over two years in the populated Baboo Community which borders between Litti and Ogunji Communities,  without any concern for the health of neighbours.
One of the residents ( name with-held) said that they had hoped that the bakery which began operation on ground zero with rickety machines that distrupted the endearing serenity  of the community, would improve with time but have over time discovered that the owner does not care about the well-being of neighbours.

" Though the owner recently changed his oven into a modern one but the blending machine which begins to work at 2pm with horrible noise and smoke that permeates the entire  area continues till 11pm from Sunday to Saturday morning. The only period we rest is Saturday evening.

" Apart from the fumes, the staff of the bakery do not allow the neighborhood to experience sound sleep at night. To them, that is the best time to play music and shout on top of their voices without recourse to the fact that the majority of people around need to sleep.

They lamented the absence of toilet in the same bakery which until recently the Community Chairman had to prevail on him to build would delay given the manner his staff excrete untowardly around neighbours houses.

" The past and present Community Executive tried their best to convince the bakery owner on the need to put the neighbors at heart but all efforts keep falling into the ground.

" We want the Governor to send the team of officials from the Ministry of Environment to come inspect the place and put things in the right perspective in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP) 

" We have kept silent long enough. We must not wait until our health begin to deteriorate, " they said said.

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