Zimbabwe Constructs 22 More Mortuaries In Preparation For Coronavirus Outbreak - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Zimbabwe Constructs 22 More Mortuaries In Preparation For Coronavirus Outbreak

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The government through the ministry of health, said that the hospitals do not have enough capacity to treat all coronavirus patients and they must prepare for the worst.

A tourist who visited Zimbabwe last week and returned to Britain has tested positive for coronavirus, said the government of the South African country on Monday.

“Today we received a report that a tourist who came to Victoria Falls on March 7 and departed on March 10 back to the United Kingdom has been found positive for COVID-19 and is currently being treated in the U.K.,” Health Minister Obadiah Moyo told a press conference in the capital Harare.

The hotel where the tourist stayed and the staff there have been quarantined, Moyo added, but declined to give any specifics.

Zimbabwe has yet to confirm any COVID-19 cases but has so far dealt with seven suspected cases, all of which tested negative.

Unlike neighboring South Africa, Zimbabwe has yet to close borders to visitors from affected nations.

Schools are still open and in most public places, it is business as usual except at all ports of entry, like Robert Mugabe Airport in Harare and Victoria Falls Airport, where 80,000 visitors have so far been screened.

Meanwhile Zimbabweans have expressed concern the country’s rundown health delivery system might not cope well with the pandemic, with only 45 beds at the two quarantine centers in the country.

 Zimbabwe’s defense minister has described the coronavirus as God’s way of punishing the United States and other western countries for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe, prompting the president to issue a statement Monday restating his government’s commitment to fighting COVID-19.

Oppah Muchinguri, the defense minister, appeared to mock Western nations while addressing a group of ruling party supporters at the weekend.

“This coronavirus that has come are sanctions against the countries that have imposed sanctions on us. God is punishing them now and they are staying indoors now while their economy is screaming like what they did to ours by imposing sanctions on us,” Muchinguri said at a rally in Chinhoyi, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) northwest of the capital, Harare, according to local reports. A video of her statement has gone viral.

“(Donald) Trump should know that he is not God. They must face the consequences of coronavirus so that they also feel the pain,” she said in the local Shona language.

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