Covid-19 Pandemic Has Provided Nigerians Another Opportunity To Reflect On Infrastructure Projects - Segun Showunmi - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Covid-19 Pandemic Has Provided Nigerians Another Opportunity To Reflect On Infrastructure Projects - Segun Showunmi

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The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with yet again another opportunity to reflect on the state of things in our country, Nigeria. I suppose we could commend the government for some of the efforts taken so far, howbeit, there is no overstating the value of the president speaking to the nation. But it is as it is and we are where we are, and there is no point asking for what seems herculean to the Buhari Presidency. 

The leadership at the centre has zero respect for the citizens, otherwise what is so difficult in having either number one or number two step forward to take charge? It is piteous that even the senate has been rebuffed on what seems like a reasonable suggestion. 

I look around, and it is clear that our national attitude to general hygiene and environmental cleanliness is too poor. This is an opportunity to put in place a procedure that clears refuse and cleans our public spaces. We have fooled around with this for too long. We cannot make simple things appear complex just because we have not accepted that governance is a sacred obligation that must be carried out in a policy and programme-sustainable manner. We cannot have a summersault of everything with each new government. Something is not right with the state of our waste collection, street cleaning, market cleaning and drains-cleaning. We should use this pandemic to solve these problems permanently.

We have not done well with our primary health system for we seem to have been more interested in the contract to build substandard, poorly equipped holding bays that we call primary health centres without a care for how the services they ought to provide, will be delivered. It will help us to use this opportunity to review the entire gamut and make them fit for purpose. It is the minimum we can do. 

It is shameful for a nation that was able to contain Ebola not to have put in the needed infrastructure for future such challenges that all we now see is scampering about to bring us facilities now that we have to deal with the Coronavirus. Did our leaders think that the world will be spared such challenges from time to time? 

I believe human history is replete with evidence that virus and bacteria will constantly challenge humans for space on this planet we all call home. Evolution never stops. We simply don’t have enough time to see the effect of micro evolutions taking place as a result of both nature and of course, the interference of humans with our careless usage of the planet's resources. We must put our house in order and fund research for why wouldn’t our higher institutions put their minds to good use in finding solutions to the challenges, both of now and that of the future. 

We cannot have a nation without proper diagnostic capacity. We must be able to treat ourselves.  I will be failing if I do not acknowledge that our health practitioners are saving lives and making us proud under very tough circumstances. It is to their patriotism that we owe a bundle of gratitude, some of them have paid the supreme sacrifice just to keep us alive. 

News of the full recovery of the index patient is commendable, but we must ensure this type of feats become the regular occurrence and not the exception. If the Cubans can do exploits in medicine, so also can the Nigerians. We simply need to prioritise the important things instead of the vainglorious misdemeanours we occupy ourselves with as a nation. 

From our side, at the Atiku Abubakar Movement, we are tracking all the progress being made in all of the laboratories of the world in wait for the eureka moment. 
We have demonstrated leadership in the true sense of it by our every action and suggestions, from calling for early shut down which was ignored, we did not relent by, we have continuously put out our suggestions and contributions in the most civilized and unpolitically manner for with HE Atiku Abubakar it is always Nigeria First. 

We hold the view that Africa must rework itself in such a manner that we will solve our issues in collaboration with partners in the world. 

There is also a need to speak to the issue of those organisations especially the religious ones who love to play to the gallery by acting above the law, it is too risky a gamble to tolerate, and as such I will like to add my voice to the millions of other voices who have shown concern for the lack of compliance to the principle of social distancing which is really to safeguard everyone. 

All the holy books admonished that we all must obey those whom God has placed in authority and I will like to appeal to all persons to please let us err on the side of caution for the consequences are better imagined and surely, as a praying nation we will have to say God forbid, but we must also do our part to be reasonable at this time. 

To the citizens of our beloved country, Nigeria, please go about in the assurance that all hands are on deck to manage this challenge but we must not panic but must comply with all lawful institutions from the appropriate authority. 

May the owner of the world, the Almighty God Himself step in and halt this cankerworm. Amen.

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