“I think every female should have a vibrator; I have three” – Toke Makinwa - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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“I think every female should have a vibrator; I have three” – Toke Makinwa

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Nigerian media personality and author, Toke Makinwa, in a new snippet of the latest episode of her vlog shared how she suggests that every lady living in the year 2020, should have a sex toy.

Sharing the video of a part of her vlog on her Instagram page earlier, the vlogger who loves to touch on all things sexually related to women, is heard dishing out the kinds of vibrators she thinks all women should have.

She’s heard saying,

I think every female should have a vibrator, I mean, are you crazy? You don’t have one, in 2020? Like dude, how do you even know what your body needs?

I have three types of vibrators I would advise you to get.
1. The bullet, goes in there… I’d advise you to also get the Rabbit, get yourself a clit surfer as well.

It’s okay to know your body

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Sharing the video on her page, she gave it the caption,

Sexducation for the females!!!!

PG 18 plixxxxx. Ignore my goofy self but while we are stuck at home I thought it’s important I share this. A lot of us females grew up believing that sex is something we do to only procreate, so many of us didn’t have a proper sex education, some believe sex is something to be given to your partner, sex is dirty, we cringe at the mention of it, get shy, don’t allow ourselves to even attempt to discover our bodies cos it’s somewhat of a taboo. I am not an expert, I recently attended a bridal shower and there was one and boy the conversation, questions, education was an eye opener. Every woman deserves to know her body, learn what you like without being shy and be free to express yourself and that’s what we talk today. All the experts, feel free to share tips too.

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