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Student Expulsion: The Position of the FUNAAB Students' Union

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The student union government of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta FUNAAB has explained their side of the story on Ifemosu Michael Adewale's expulsion from the university over open letter to the Vice Chancellor on facebook. 

Read below for official statement:



Comprehensive report about the recent expulsion of a FUNAABite, Ifemosu, Michael Adewale, by the Senate of University.

It came to the notice of the Students' Union that one of our students was invited by the *Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC)* of the University over the *PUBLICATION OF FALSE INFORMATION AND DEFAMATION OF  CHARACTER OF THE UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT* when a case file was submitted to the President of the Students' Union from the SDC.

The *Students' Union President*, who is also a member of the SDC *interceded* on behalf of Mr. Ifemosu, Michael Adewale (the affected student), who also appeared before the SDC and was offered the opportunity of fair hearing at the SDC statutory meeting prior the report prepared by the SDC according to his positions on the said issue.

The SDC's recommendation was presented and submitted for debate to the University Senate at its 217th statutory meeting, where the decision of expulsion was made regardless  of the intercession.

As soon as the Students' Union got the information about the expulsion, the President of the Students' Union called for a *Joint Consultative Assembly* meeting of the Students' Union (which composed officers of the SSRC, SRA and the Judiciary), where issues surrounding the expulsion was unanimously discussed extensively and a conclusion of inviting the affected student; Mr Ifemosu, Michael Adewale, for a disscussion to give him a fair hearing from the perspective of the Students' Union and to know how well the Students' Union comes to aid to approach the matter holistically.

The meeting of the Students' Union representatives with Mr. Ifemosu, Michael Adewale was appointed for 10:00am on Monday, 4th November, 2019 as recommended by Mr. Ifemosu, Michael Adewale. As at 9.45am on the said date, all nominated Students' Union representatives were already assembled at the venue of the meeting waiting to receive the presence of Mr. Ifemosu, Michael Adewale. After waiting for more than one hour, (11am) the Students' Union President placed a call through to him where he declared that he would not be attending the meeting as agreed.

The Students' Union in her magnanimous act tried to get concrete information from the said student but has refused to grant the invitation by the Students' Union.

The Students' Union is already taking cerebral steps by writing the University Senate to reconsider its decision about the student.

We implore all FUNAABites to stay calm as we are working assidously on the case and Also we write to all media Houses to Stop using this issue as a medium to sabotage The peaceful environment on campus.





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1 comment:

  1. It's the duty of the students'union to always protect the right of the students they are representing. In as much as I feel that Michael didn't choose his words wisely, the student union ain't meant to even come up with that narrative in the press statement even if truly he didn't honor the meeting. There's no point telling us and that will even make matter worse cause you're telling us indirectly that he deserves no pity since he doesn't even want you guys to help him by not honoring the meeting. You guys can do better. God bless and I wish you success.


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