He killed mum and our grandfather before defiling us: Minors Share Ordeal - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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He killed mum and our grandfather before defiling us: Minors Share Ordeal

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Simon Sigei before Nakuru Principal Magistrate Bernard Mararo last May. [Harun Wathari, Standard]

Two minors have told a court how an intruder killed their mother and grandfather before defiling them on the night of February 12, 2019.

Testifying before Nakuru Principal Magistrate Faith Munyi, the girls aged 12 and eight years positively identified Simon Sigei as the one who assaulted them and killed their kin.

The incident happened in Rongai, Nakuru County.

In her testimony, the 12-year-old-girl said she was woken up by her mother's screams and she switched on the lights.

“The suspect was holding an iron rod on the head of my mother as she screamed for help. He hit her several times and mum started bleeding profusely,” she testified.

She recalled that the walls of the room were splattered with blood and clothes and other personal items were scattered all over the floor.

The minor further testified that she found her grandfather lying in a pool of blood in his bed.

"The bedding were soaked in blood; the white mosquito net was also soaked in blood. He was breathing heavily," she testified.

She said her attempts to hide were futile as one of the suspects pulled her under the bed.

“That man (pointing at Sigei) forced me to sit down and ordered me to get him money from my mother and grandfather’s pockets and handbags,” she testified.

She said she could not forget the bearded man and his white hair, adding that he was the brutal killer of her kin.

"He (Sigei) tied both my hands and legs with shoe laces and took me to another bedroom where he abused me."

“After he defiled me, he switched on the TV, watched for some time and then switched it off. He started vandalising the cupboard and stole items in the house, took them outside after which he went to my mother’s room," she said.

In the case, Sigei and Simon Rotich have been charged with robbery with violence that led to the murder of the man and his daughter. Sigei is also accused of defiling the two girls. 

The eight-year-old girl said she was awoken by a commotion only to come face to face with the horror that was meted on the family.

“I tried to wake her up (mother) but she was unresponsive. So I switched on the lights but somebody came and switched it off,” she testified.

Pointing at at Sigei, the girl said: "That man ordered me to remove all my clothes before beating me. He then forced himself on me. He abused me."

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