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"Negative Comments Don't Affect Me Anymore" - Omawumi

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Omawumi is no stranger to negative comments and insults on social media. 

As a celebrity and an entertainer, she encounters all sorts of comments on the internet and in real life. 

In a recent interview with HIP TV, she revealed that she's not as fragile as she was at the beginning of her career and she has since grown a thick skin. 

“When I first started years ago, it affects me but now, no it doesn’t. First of all, I don’t even know you, if my papa, my brother/sister or someone I know curses me, it will pain me. But even if I know you, it will still not pain me anyhow. When you say hurtful things about people or spill things about people, it reflects how you see them, it doesn’t reflect how the person sees themselves.”

Omawumi also spoke about her new music project, “In Her Feelings” 

“Predominantly, ‘In Her Feelings’, is about me in my feelings just expressing myself the way I know how. This time, I wrote a couple of songs because I want it to be as relatable as possible. I just said relatable things people experience in relationships. It is just a good body of work and you won’t be disappointed.

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