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"My Body, My Choice": What The Pro-choice Say About Abortion

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The argument on abortion is definitely one that has heated up a lot these days.

Now for the argument of those in favour of the cause, the pro-choice. First, while both parties agree that the fetus is a human being, the pro-choice claim that the being is not a "person" as it does not have the ability to seek for or even possess human rights like other alive beings.

Also, they claim that a collection of cells does not make it a person, if not, amputating a limb would be murder, therefore, they assert that the murder claim by the pro-life is baseless and not logical.

They also say that a fetus can only be a 'person' if it has fulfilled a number of requirements. Such as reaching a developmental stage that makes it a "moral person" as well as other properties that make it a person.

Another claim from the pro-choice is that it is not in every case that mudering an innocent person (as agreed by both parties) is wrong. For example, if one has to cut off the rope of a colleague to save his/her life while climbing the mountain.

Also, when an operation to separate conjoined twins leads to the death of one of them. Another case is when a mother has to choose between which of her children to save when the need arises.

They then say that a fetus with "potential" does not have rights and only an "actual" human has rights, hence, debunking the arguments of the pro-life to saying that a fetus has the potential to have "a future like ours".

Lastly, and this is the reason for the term "pro-choice", they say that a mother owns her body and has the rights to decide whatever she wants to do with it. They also say that the mother has a right to decide what to want for her body without any external interference or influence.

Also, she has the right to decide her future if having a child will disrupt this. However, the pro-life say that while she may have the right to decide whatever she wants for her body, she does not have the rights to decide what happens with another being's body, the fetus.

There are also cases of rape and need to save a mother's life during child-birth that make up the basis of the pro-choice's arguments.

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