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5 Reasons A Woman Would Likely Cheat

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It is more popular to hear and see men who cheat than to hear or see women who do so. It is often said that this is because when women cheat, they are hardly caught. Many believe that when a woman is being unfaithful, it is difficult for her man or partner to catch her because she covers her tracks well and does not raise suspicion as men naturally seem to do when they begin to cheat.

Men are not the only ones guilty of cheating [Credit - Shutterstock]

One other thing that comes to mind when you think of women and cheating is the popular saying that when a woman cheats it is for emotional reasons, rather than just the need for something physical.

But is this true? And if yes, is it the only reason why women cheat?

Actually, it’s not and that is why we have listed five most common reasons why women cheat below:

1. Emotionally empty

So, yes, it’s actually true that when women seek emotional fulfilment and intimacy which their partner has consistently refused to give them, it could push them into infidelity.

Many times when women cheat, it is because there is an emotional absence on the part of the man, despite all attempts by the woman to bridge that gap.

It is often said that when women cheat, it is because something was lacking emotionally and it is true [Credit - Shutterstock]

2. Retaliation

Best believe that sometimes when women get cheated on, they could go out and cheat in revenge. So when some women cheat, it is to get back at a cheating partner, to settle some sort of emotional score and ‘balance’ the situation.

3. Lack of good sex

Now this is one that people rarely talk about but it is real. Women also cheat for purely physical reasons. It is not just men who cheat for this reason.

For some women, lack of sex and more importantly, lack of good sex could force them into seeking out an old flame or igniting a sexual spark with someone new.

Sometimes it is an ex who they can't say no to, who renders them powerless against cheating. [Credit - Bona]

4. An ex came back

You know those affections that never die? The old boyfriend that you could never get over? Yeah, those play a part, too.

When some women cheat it is because someone from the past came back that they are powerless to resist.

5. Financial reasons

This is often selfish but many times difficult to avoid for the concerned women. Women may be forced to engage in extramarital affairs or other acts constituting infidelity in order to get financial advantages of one form or another; say to get a job, get a promotion, etc. It does not make sense and probably has no justification but that is the reality of what happens.

When a woman cheats, it could be because of these five reasons.

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