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The End Of Sim Cards As T-Mobile And Sprint Merge

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The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is possible to lead to the end of sim cards. This merger is bringing forth a very powerful technology. And it might as well disrupt the technology space. What may seem as a small detail may end up restructuring how phones are built and how they get online. 

Essentially, the merger creates a new Innovation, the eSIM (Electronic Sim). This sim allows users to connect to the internet without the need for physical sim cards. Wireless devices get activated on network with just a software. This makes it easier for users to switch between network because they don't have to acquire a physical chip from the network they wish to switch to. They can just tap a few buttons in an app. 

This app makes it possible to connect to any network. However, it has quite been hard because network providers have been reluctant to opt into the app. 

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