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Hamas showing no sign of abiding by ceasefire calls, says UK foreign secretary

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James Cleverly, British foreign secretary, says Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, has given no indication of abiding by calls for a ceasefire.


Cleverly, who spoke over the weekend, expressed concerns over Israel’s intensified attacks on Gaza.


Earlier on Saturday, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said infantry and armoured vehicles were being backed by “massive” strikes from the air and sea, a sign that the forces could be moving closer to an all-out invasion of Gaza.


Israel has also knocked out communications, largely cutting off the 2.3 million people in besieged Gaza Strip from contact with the world as part of efforts to wipe out Hamas.

Cleverly said “calls for a ceasefire in the abstract aren’t going to help the situation”.


“We have consistently sought to bring about pauses to facilitate the inward passage of humanitarian aid that we are providing and the release of hostages and the evacuation of British nationals in Gaza, so that has been our position from the start,” he added.


“Of course we want to see this resolved, we want to see Israel safe, peaceful and secure.

“But, as yet, I have seen or heard nothing from Hamas that gives me any confidence that they desire or would abide by calls for a ceasefire.”


He said the Palestinian militant group “habitually embed military capabilities within civilian infrastructure” in a move he said is “internationally recognised” as “completely inappropriate”.


Cleverly also reiterated the UK’s position that Israel has a right to defend itself after Hamas’s attack on October 7.


However, he noted that the preservation of civilian lives remains the priority of his country.

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