Macron hails French ambassador for not leaving Niger Republic despite junta’s ultimatum - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Macron hails French ambassador for not leaving Niger Republic despite junta’s ultimatum

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French President Emmanuel Macron says France will continue to support Mohamed Bazoum, the Niger Republic president who was deposed last month.


Speaking to ambassadors in Paris, the French capital, on Monday, Macron said France has faced hostility in recent times owing to its policy of backing the courageous.


On Friday, Niger’s military junta ordered Sylvain Itte, the French ambassador, to leave the country within 48 hours.


In a statement, the country’s foreign ministry said the decision to expel the ambassador stemmed from his refusal to honour an invitation by Niger’s minister of foreign affairs.


The statement also added that “other actions by the French government contrary to the interests of Niger” led to the ambassador’s withdrawal.


Hours after the expiration of the deadline, Macron applauded Itte for staying put.


“France and its diplomats have faced particularly difficult situations in some countries in recent months, from Sudan, where France has been exemplary, to Niger at this very moment,” the French president said.


 “I applaud your colleagues who are listening from their posts.”


Macron added that France would not change its position on the coup.


“I think our policy is the right one,” he said.


“It’s based on the courage of President Bazoum, and on the commitments of our ambassador on the ground who is remaining despite all the pressure, despite all the declarations made by the illegitimate authorities.


 “We do not recognise those who have carried out the putsch, we support a president who has not stepped down, and besides whom we remain engaged.”


France, the former colonial power in Niger, has been very vocal in the condemnation of the coup that ousted Bazoum.


France’s position has been rebuffed by the junta which has accused French forces of freeing captured “terrorists” and breaching an air space ban.

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