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APC USA charges new ministers to justify appointments

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The United States chapter of All Progressives Congress on Wednesday hailed the appointment of the 45 ministers of President Bola Tinubu, urging them to collectively work towards meeting the aspirations of the Nigerian people.

The appeal came two days after the new ministers took charge of their respective offices immediately after the oath-taking ceremony at the presidential villa.

In a congratulatory message issued on Monday, Chairman of APC USA, Prof. Tai Balofin, charges the ministers to hit the ground running and live up to expectations.

“We welcome them to their new roles with a call to embrace a renewed sense of hope and to collectively work towards making Nigeria great once again.

“Today marks a significant moment in Nigeria’s journey towards progress and prosperity. As we witness the appointment of these capable individuals to ministerial positions, we are presented with an opportunity to unite, collaborate, and set forth on a path that will redefine our nation’s destiny,” Balofin remarked.

Continuing, the APC chieftain urges the appointees to draw inspiration from the visionary leadership of the president and align their efforts with his transformative mission for the nation.

According to Balofin, each minister’s pivotal role will begin to reflect what Tinubu’s presidency portends for Nigerians.

“Nigerians are looking up to you, counting on your expertise, dedication, and commitment to serving the nation with integrity. President Tinubu’s administration stands as a beacon of hope, a promise of a better Nigeria. Let us not waver in our resolve to deliver on that promise,” he stated.

“We stand united behind President Tinubu, confident that he will steer the nation towards progress, prosperity, and unity. Let us put our trust in his leadership and work collaboratively to achieve the goals that will define Nigeria’s success story,” he affirmed.

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