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How Governor Sanwoolu Ignored Primate Ayodele’s Warning On Building Collapse

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In recent times, Lagos state has been experiencing Building collapse especially in the most civilized areas of the state.

This has raised concerns among the populace as most believe the state government should have adequate plans to put a total stop to this menace. Sadly, the cases of building collapse, which have mostly been high-rise and uncompleted, always claim lives of workers and sometimes, owners of the buildings if they are unlucky to be present.

An example of such an unfortunate situation is the collapse of a seven-storey building in Lekki two years ago that claimed the life of the developer, Femi Osibona alongside top officials of his company.

Another collapse happened two days ago in Banana Island, though officials claim no lives were lost, but several were injured. It was also a 7-storey gigantic building.

These incidents have caused tension in the state, raised eyebrows on the efficiency of the ministry in-charge and above all, made people ask about what Governor Babajide Sanwoolu does with the revelations and directions given to him by men of God despite Lagos having a large amount of them.
Speaking on the revelations, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, who is an ardent lover of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu warned in his prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations (2022/2023 edition) that the state should pray against  building collapse. He advised the government to be careful and take measures to curb the building collapse he foresees in the state.

These were his words

‘’The state needs a lot of prayer against conflicts of interest and must pray not to lose a prominent politician and needs to be careful of environmental problems. The state needs to be more active in security. Let the state rebuke the outbreak of cholera in some barracks. Let the state rebuke the death of an Oba, area boys crisis and explosions. Let the state be more cautious of attacks on any Oba’s Palace and attack on any school. Let the state rebuke cases of collapsed building and ethnic crisis between Igbo and Hausa, Yoruba and Hausa.’’

The building collapse that happened two days ago has confirmed that the government chose to ignore this warning. It was revealed that the building was not approved by the state government, same with the Lekki building collapse. A seven-storey building cannot be hidden therefore, the government must have seen workers erecting the building for months. Since it was not approved, the government should have done the needful, maybe the collapse would have been prevented.

Warnings from men of God aren't to seek attention but to alert whoever is involved. Primate Ayodele alerted the Lagos state government but his warnings were ignored. Now, the state has to bear the consequences.

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