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General Election: Archbishop Benjamin Samson expresses disappointment in INEC, Prof. Yakub

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 The much anticipated Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election held last weekend amidst uncertainties and as expected. The Independent national electoral commission (INEC) has declared the candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner of the keenly contested election. One of the persons that lend his voice to this, is His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha, A.K.A Jehovah Sharp sharp.

 Despite coming out few hours to the presidential election, sensitizing the masses on the need to come out to cast their vote on their choice candidate, seeing it as expedient to encourage them vote because of the rumors of intimidation pending violence, threatening the masses not to come out if they don't vote their candidate. I came out to advise them to eschew violence and stay away from any form of provocation, he said.

The cleric emphasizes that it was really very disappointing on the side of INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu during collation and announcing of results from different polling unit without doing the exactly what he said INEC was going to do. I am not the only person who was disappointed but also the whole Nigerians was confused and so fustrating. I must say that it is not a transparent and a fair process on the cinero that played out on the just concluded presidential election

When asked that Nigerians was saying that God disappointed them by making pastors give false prophecies about the election. He replied that as Christian clergy, we should be able to differentiate between prophecies and prediction. He added that  sometimes people speaks presumptuously because of the excitement of the environment and atmosphere. God did not disappoint neither did He failed us. Alot of people are saying so much in the name of the Lord. People only predicted out of presumptuous mind not looking at the reality on ground. If we are looking at the reality on ground, what INEC did was more like deceiving and lieing to everyone. 

Before the election, INEC did alot of publicity on TV stations, DStv and social media handles saying that from the polling unit results will be uploaded in realtime directly to their saver and the results is accessible for monitory as it is been collated. INEC Chairman lied to us and we believed him.

This is one election that people came out with all their heart. I was ready and dressed up for election before 8am. They came by 12pm to checked and said that the BVAS  Machine had one problem or the other, they went to their office. Surprisingly, I couldn't vote until 5pm. You should know how fustrating and disappointing it is, not only to me but to the entire nigeians who are the lovers of credibility, fairnes and justice.

Speaking on the readiness of Governorship election, Archbishop Benjamin Samson reiterated that people are not happy and so disappointed during the presidential election, you see fustration on their faces but it shouldn't discourage them from forging ahead in casting their vote on Governorship election.

The most painful thing is, we saw some voltage of some people who are being fustrated and felt bad, they started burning their voter's card. Now, how can they go again to vote when they have burnt their voter's card. The empire for election did not keep to their words, they said you cannot vote without your voter's card. They said you are going to upload results from the polling unit, etc. You cannot keep one law and break another and then expect people to keep all the laws. Makers of the law must be seen to be those who lead by examples

I advise the judges to try as much as they can to look at the cases presented to them about this election objectively. They should not deprive anyone of fair justice They should do it for posterity sake. A judges should be a man that should not be influence or compromise. They should not give judgement by sentiment but follow the rule of law.

An election that took the lives of a 19 years old boy who said he thought a particular candidate was going to win but INEC did this to him. Then he left a sucide note and commited a sucide. Then a judge will sit on a case like this

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