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All Brickwall Against Tinubu Will Fail— Sen. Adesoji Akanbi

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By Sen Rilwan Soji Akanbi .................

The serious gang-up against the National leader and presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu from winning the 2023 presidential election is no longer news. It is obvious that the sinister plan is building up by the day through different dynamics.

Those who are in the know, with privileged information, given the events playing out have all spoken out concerning the underground plot to upstage Tinubu from clinching victory, given his nationwide acceptability across all geo-political  zones.

But what is obvious is that all the secret plots are bound to fail because, undeniably, he is the people's choice.

There is a saying that when you are strong your character will show but when you are weak, words are of no use.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Tinubu, over the years has built a lasting legacy that  would be difficult to ignore, erase or tarnish.

It is a legacy of good governance, of competence, capacity, of hardwork, of building people and of giving hope to the people.

It is a legacy of trust, of bonding with the people, of standing tall in the delivery of democracy dividend to the people.

Of course, the gang-up started with The Arise TV plot to discredit Tinubu as a serious candidate but all failed as he gets stronger and stronger by the day.

There was the circulation of stories that he is not healthy. That fake news also failed because Nigerians are witnessing the truth that the man, most times attends political campaigns in three different states in a day. It is only a healthy body that can undertake such tedious task.

No matter how purveyors of lies would want to pervert the truth, Nigerians know that The Jagaban Borgu is not only a team player but the builder of men, women and materials.

The array of the political network he has been able to put together over the years is mind-boggling and can only attest to his political sophistry.

Even before the party primary of the APC, attempts were made to bar Tinubu or perhaps exclude him but all failed.

Even the elder statesman and second Republic federal lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, at a time raised the alarm that President Muhammed Buhari has concluded plans to bar certain politicians from contesting in the 2023 general elections. 

The outspoken Northern leader also said that certain individuals of the ruling APC were working to use the party to advance their personal interests.

It now obvious that the observations of Junaid Mohammed is becoming clearer by the day.

Truth be told, none of those individuals running with Tinubu, can be ranked at the same level with him because he is far above them. There is not even basis for comparison because the records of his performance stands out.

Nigerians cannot proscribe their memory on the deals of the presidential candidate of the people's Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, as the head of the Economic team of the President Obasanjo-led PDP government, being then the Vice President.

Atiku sold all Nigeria's assets to his cronies, and family members. The records are there. 

Presidential candidate of the Labour party, Mr Peter Obi, may have been the governor of a State, Anambra State, but that is not the only criteria needed to run a large country and economy of Nigeria's size. He needs more political experience and exposure.

Is it not still shocking that Peter Obi is still to show Nigerians those he mentored as a governor of a State. 

Recently, Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-rufai, featuring on Channels Television's programme, Sunrise Daily, alleged also that some 'elements' in  Aso Rock are working against Tinubu's success in the February 25 election.

He revealed that individuals in question were still bitter about the outcome of June 8, 2022. Presidential primary that produced Tinubu as the APC candidate to fly the presidential flag.

Although, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has dismissed the claim, it does not deduct from the truth that lots of booby traps are on the way to make Tinubu to lose the election.

Why is it that it is at this critical time that government is changing currency, currency swap, and fixing impossible time frame for the exercise?

Why is it that it is now that they pretending to be serious with fuel deregulation?

All these are attempts to dislocate the socio-economic activities of the country. The plan is to get Nigerians dissatisfied with the situation, get them to discredit the APC government and by extension, making voters hate the candidate on the party's platform, which is Tinubu.

All the plots to get Nigerians angry at the moment are all part of the plans to work against the Tinubu presidency.

But will it work? The answer is capital NO. Nigerians are now wiser. They know that Tinubu is the right man for the job and they will go for him.

They know Tinubu is purposeful, brave, visionary and has the magic of a transformational leader.

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