'We are solidly behind Jaguna, Balogun’ — Igbore Asa Youths Community Development Declares - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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'We are solidly behind Jaguna, Balogun’ — Igbore Asa Youths Community Development Declares

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The youths under the umbrella of Igbore Asa Youth Community Development has declared their unwavering supports for the elders of the community today 6th of January, 2023. 

The youth group according the statement signed by Kamal Adebesin, the public relation officer, he said the youths of the community are in total support of the elders in the community, most especially the Balogun, Jaguna and other leaders on the step taken so far to restore peace to the community. 

The youths however urged the elders to choose credible candidate that will be acceptable to the community for every position to get quality and effective leadership to bring drastic development in Igbore area of Abeokuta, Ogun state. 

The youth also urged all Son and Daughters of Igbore Asa among others to join hands together to support the current development embarked on by the Balogun and Jaguna to further bring peace and tranquillity to the community. 

However, The youth assured the Balogun and Jaguna of their undiluted loyalty in the area of participation and cooperation at any point in time.

"We are fully in support of the Balogun and Jaguna of Igbore Asa community, as we know in a community where their is no elder, such community will strive so hard to develop in the area of infrastructure and capacity building, we are expressing our love and support for the leadership of Igbore Asa community towards a better tomorrow...., We, the youth are in the same path with the whole residents of the community,  we belong to where the majority of the community belongs to..." Said Kamal Adebesin 

"We are ready to join hands with the Balogun and Jaguna of Igbore Asa to correct all the abnormalities ongoing in the community." He added.

Also, The youth charged their fellow citizens to ensure they move out to pick their permanent voters card to make them eligible to choose a credible leader in the forthcoming election.

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