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Family of 8 — including 5 children — killed in another US shooting

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A family of eight, including five children, has been found shot dead in their home in Enoch City, Utah, the United States.


According to the police, the discovery followed a call to perform a “welfare check” in the home.


Police in the city conduct a welfare check when neighbours raise concerns or haven’t seen fellow residents for an unusual time.

In a statement on Wednesday, police said the shooting was not a threat, adding that the investigation was ongoing.


 “At this time, we do not believe there is a threat to the public or that there are any suspects at large,” the statement reads.


Rob Dotson, the city manager, added that it would likely take days or longer before they could reach any conclusions about what had taken place inside the home.


“We don’t know why this happened, and we’re not going to guess,” Dotson said.

 “This community is feeling remorse, feeling pain. There are friends and neighbors and family members who are hurting because of this incident.”


Spencer Cox, Utah’s governor, expressed sadness in a tweet and offered his condolences following the horrific announcement.


“Our hearts go out to all those affected by this senseless violence. Please keep the community of Enoch in your prayers,” he tweeted.

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