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Israel's PM Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Netanyahu, Wishes Him Success

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Israel's longest serving leader, Netanyahu (born 1949) was ousted in June 2021 after 12 consecutive years.

I spoke tonight with the leader of the opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulated him on his victory in the elections.

The State of Israel is above all political considerations. I wish Netanyahu success for the sake of the people of Israel and the State of Israel.

I have instructed all branches of the Prime Minister's Office to prepare an orderly transfer of power.

Yair Lapid (Caretaker PM, State of Israel)

The victory reinforces Mr. Netanyahu’s reputation as “the magician,” as Mr. Netanyahu is known in Israel, for his ability to stage repeated comebacks. This is a record five wins of six for Bibi.

Tuesday’s election was the fifth time Israelis have gone to the polls since 2019.

In order to lead the government in Israel, a party has to win a majority of 61 seats — the magic number — in Parliament. If that isn't attainable, the party with the most seats has to negotiate alliances with other parties to form a coalition. (Bibi & right-wing allies have 65 of the 120-seat Knesset with almost all votes counted).

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