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#Poultrybusiness: The Secret Vet Doctors Are Hiding From You. As Poultry Farmer

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Welcome back to my page. If you are new here, trust me this would be the best article on poultry business that you would read ever in your life.

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Note: I am writing from experience as poultry farmer with 7 years experience

Let us go straight to the point. What you are about to read here would open your eyes in this poultry business forever.

Knowledge is power. I was reading my Bible this morning and came across a verse in Proverbs that I want you frame it and keep in your house.

Hang it where you can see it daily. Here is the wise saying by King Solomon. “Always remember what you learnt. Your education is life, guard it well”.

What you are going to learn here is life. Every intending “Poultry Farmer” should remember and guard it well.

Pay close attention now.

Alot of vet doctors do not want you to know this secret. And few successful and profitable poultry farmers are ashamed to tell you. But today, I want you to know everything.

It will save you a lot of money. And you will be a profitable poultry farmer once you apply the knowledge you have got here.

Here is the secret knowledge; “Your broilers/layers birds do not need drugs everyday to give you result”.

The statement above is unpopular. I know you have never heard of such proposal. You have read different articles and spoke to numerous poultry farmers and what they normally complain about is how expensive birds drugs cost.

And it makes you scared of starting due to low budget.

For the experienced poultry farmers. Majority do not know the fact that their birds can grow and produce result without drugs.

For vet doctors, they know for sure that your birds don't need daily drugs to grow. But they have intentionally hidden it from you. Because they need your money to survive.

No insult to them�

They are in the business of selling Poultry drugs. And your constant patronize is what will keep them in business.

Therefore, blame yourself for not getting the required knowledge. Leave your Vet doctor and that poultry farmer alone.

I am here to help you.

Now, you will agree with me that birds are living things. Just like human beings. The difference is, their body system differs from yours.

Birds have respiratory system
Birds have reproductive system
Birds have digestive system.
And many more.

As a human being, you'll agree with me that you don't take drugs daily. You only visit your doctor, get prescriptions (after proper check-up), buy drugs as told. And take it as instructed.

And you only visit the hospital when you are sick. Your doctor might ask you to take the drugs only 7 days or 14 days and come back for check up.

Follow me closely. I am insisting that you understand what you need to be a successful poultry farmer.

Now, if you wake up in the morning. Decide to buy paracetamol and tramadol and consume 6 tablets morning, afternoon, and evening. You'll get sick within 30 days maximum.

You wouldn't only get sick. You might have spend thousands of your heard earn money buying and taking drugs that are not necessarily for your body system.

Remember, you were not sick initially. You decided to be taking drugs daily for pleasure. Or taking it so you wouldn't fall sick. But now, you are sick and plenty of money wasted.

And more money is needed to bring your health back to normal.

Now, use this example to match up with your birds. Why give them drugs daily when they are not sick?


Note that chicken drugs are expensive in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Let me tell you how some vet doctors bank on your ignorance to make money.

You venture into rearing birds newly and want to push your birds to grow faster than normal. You want to make quick sales (Quick sales doesn't equal PROFIT) within 5-6 weeks from broilers.

Since you want abnormal growth of your birds. Your vet doctor would sell a drug that could help you achieve that goal. They are zillions of boosters drugs available for impatient farmers.

So, one or two drugs would be recommend to you. They are usually not cheap. You will buy plenty sachets or bottles and be advise to be dropping in their water or mix with feed. To fasten their growth.

Let me inform you that birds consume plenty of water in a day. So, they would consume plenty of that boosters. Which directly means you are spending plenty of money daily on drugs for birds that are healthy.

At the end of 5-6 weeks, you big birds are ready for sales. But also remember that your cost of production too is big. So, you will struggle to sell your broilers at a reasonable price so you can make profit.

Note: Excessive use of boosters to increase birds growth causes incurable disease to human beings who consume the meat. And you are not coming into business to sell poison to your fellow human.

And that is where you will understand that poultry business is not as profitable as some bloggers makes it look. You need a lot of quality knowledge to be a profitable poultry farmer.

Do you remember your vet doctor? He has cash out without stress. And before I forget, excessive drugs can cause stunted grow in poultry. We will discuss about stunted growth later.

What Do You Need To Do?

Your birds can give you maximum growth in a short period of time. Without spending too much on drugs. You only visit a Vet Doctor when you birds are sick.

All you need is, quality feed. And clean water always available in the pen for your birds.

As simple as that. Buy good feed from reputable company with track record and testimony from field farmers. And give your birds at the right proportion and at the right time.

Note: Do not buy feed because their company agent told you the field is good. A poultry farmer should show you which feed to use.

Keep their pen clean 24/7. And most importantly, clean water should be available 24 hours for your birds.

Because if they eat quality feed and drink dirty water, it will lead to massive death. And lost of your invested capital. If they have enough of clean water to drink, it will ease digestion and that encourage growth.

So, the formula for maximum growth of your birds is Quality Feed+Clean Water = Net Profit.

I know it sounds simple and you might be wondering why nobody told you this or wrote about it before. The answer is simply because, I am writing from my over 6 years in the poultry industry.

And I want you to know the truth. Do not waste money on drugs. Buy drugs only when your birds are sick.

When they are not, provide them with clean water and good feed.

Your vet doctor wouldn't tell you this fact about rearing animals.

Good luck to you my friend. Go and start your chicken farm and become a profitable farmer. Do the right thing.

Be patient with your birds. [b]Quick growth doesn't necessarily translate to Quick profit in business.

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