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Community Policing: A concept of community participation in policing.

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Many people, scholars, professionals have discussed the concept of community policing leaving gaps in their coceptual and theoretical review as well as methodologies.
Community policing is one of the mordern day policing techniques that rest on five pillars.
 Among other mordern policing techniques in practise worldwide are intelligence-led policing, zero tolerance policing, neighbourhood watch policing etc.
Community policing is a problem solving policing technique as it's application depend on location, time, culture, language and norms as well as traditions.
Community policing rests on the following pillars
1. Consultation, cooperation and interdependency.
2. Accessibility and visibility.
3. Multi agency cooperation. 
4. Proactive approach.
5. Accountability. 

Government at various levels have made several attempts to apply this comcept in the policing architecture in Nigeria but still have not correctly gotten the true application of community policing into Nigeria policing structure. 
Now what is the way out.
Watch out for part two on this platform as we will elaborate more on the five pillars of community policing.


Adedoyin Olanrewaju Nureni. B.Sc, M.Sc, ACA, FCAi.

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