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How Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Disappointed Me – Social Critic Reveals

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I have sincerely not been a fan of the popular and controversial prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele because his style of releasing prophecies doesn’t really conform with my understanding of a prophetic statement.

I am not a prophet or a very spiritual person but I have been listening to some popular Nigerian prophets too in the past and their way of releasing prophetic statements made me believe there is a particular template for prophecies. They speak in parables and limit their prophecies to Nigerian politics alone unlike Primate Ayodele who speaks about every sector in the country and every nation around the world.

At a time, I felt Primate Ayodele was only doing guesswork because I have seen videos of him giving prophecies. He doesn’t attach so much spirituality to his statements, he says it is like having a conversation with someone and very casual so I thought it was just guess work and predictions, I never knew God talks to his prophets differently.

It was even more difficult because other prophets don’t talk about other countries, all sectors of the country so how come Primate Ayodele’s style is different from others?

Of course, I see stories of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies coming to pass on the social media, he was celebrated for accurately foretelling the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the military invasion in Burkina Faso and Mali, the death of former Japanese PM, the forceful eviction of Sri Lanka president from office, the crisis faced in Italy, the withdrawal of Dana Airline license, the troubles faced by PDP national chairman among a host of many others.

The prophecy that made me fall in love with this man of God is the one about Nigeria’s economy which he warned about in 2021. Primate Ayodele warned that the country’s economy will shut down and that dollar will sell for N650 and above. He then mentioned that rice will still be sold for N45,000 in this country. (

When he released the prophecy, I was full of laughter because I never imagined that something of such could happen and I had even planned to write against the man of God for giving such a prophecy which will not see the light of the day but Primate Ayodele disappointed me, I was totally wrong.

About two weeks ago, the dollar exchanged for N720 and has now returned to N670, fulfilling his prophecy about the dollar exchange and now, parboiled has started selling for N52000 in the market. Par excellence rice sold for N45000 in the market last week and now, it’s N52000 per bag.

Sincerely, while this is sad because it affects the citizens, I think I need to give kudos to Primate Ayodele for warning us ahead even though we never listened.

God bless the prophet and increase him for his prophetic insight into the country’s future.

I am John Oderinde.

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