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Pictures of PUBLIC LAUNDRY services In The U.S.

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This is how people do laundry themselves.
No one does it for u. Everything is automated.
No one enslaves anyone here.
Irrespective of your social status, you are expected to do it yourself.

Nigerian politicians can only purchase houses for their kids, but wouldn't want to live here, because the leisure of being served as Oga is not here.
When I tell people that the Real slavery is in Africa, they end up arguing with me.

So, here are pictures of how we do heavy material laundry. We do this when we have thick blankets
(duvet) & Jackets which may not yield to our regular household laundry machines.

Such can fetch so much jobs & wealth on a large scale, only if power is fixed in Nigeria.
Imagine running such on a Diesel engine!
Imagine the Noise and Air pollution too!

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