Osun Election: "It's Not Too Late To Re-Organise Ourselves" — Says Former Police Minister, Jelili Adesiyan - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Osun Election: "It's Not Too Late To Re-Organise Ourselves" — Says Former Police Minister, Jelili Adesiyan

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A call has been made to Apc Osun State to urgently review the strategy and review  their lined up candidates for 2023 election with serious intention to reposition the party if they want to be relevant further.

This clarrion call was made by the former Police Minister Hon Jelili Adesiyan, In his opinion, he said fielding credible and popular candidates is just the best approach to win all outstanding election.In his circulated text on social media monitored by Amebo outfit, He submitted.

Below is his opinions according to the last Osun gubernatorial election. 


The common saying is that to appreciate success we must taste failure. 
The  last election show us that even in the face of good governance we can still be troubled. While we continue to work through our legal team it is time to assess ourselves and put our house in order.
Those of us who thought that they have won elections in our primaries to various houses and Senate should come out to face the reality now.
The governorship election have clearly shown that some of our so call candidates can not make it without our winning the state. Some of them lost in their polling units, wards and in some cases their local government. 
If we field those people we might be humiliated again.
Let us pounder on this and give those who are popular and are ready to finance their campaign and election independently using the period of substitution to replace them.

 It will be bad for us to be further humiliated since we might not be in government during those coming elections. 
Those who have the evidence of financial muscles should be presented for the elections particularly the National Assembly and  elections into the Senate. 
Let us together look at the above 
and safe our party from further ridicule. 
I come in peace."

Truth as he submitted .The best way for the party is to take the advantage to revisit all those grievances and unattended petition and approach it in holustic manner, line up popular candidates especially at state assembly level to dominate the legislative house as a check and balance for the eventual winner even as they prepared to challenge Adeleke in court.

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