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LASAA To Jandor: We Won't Succumb To Cheap Blackmail And Falsehood

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Our attention has been drawn to the wild allegations made by the People’s Democratic Party Governorship Candidate in Lagos, Mr. Olajide Adediran, during an Arise TV interview. He accused the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) of removing his campaign posters and instructing outdoor advertising agencies from not to fly his campaign materials.

Mr. Adediran claimed that the Lagos State Government instructed outdoor advertising practitioners to reject materials from opposition parties and, therefore, his advertisement materials were brought down midway into a contract.

The PDP candidate displayed stark ignorance of the rules guiding outdoor advertisement practice in Lagos. LASAA simply regulates billboard structures and not advertisement campaigns.

The decision to deploy any advertisement is the sole discretion of billboard owners who must have registered with LASAA for a licence to hoist advertisement structures in the State. Advertising companies determine their clients and the terms of their trade.

We are familiar with such theatrics displayed by Mr. Adediran and the People’s Democratic Party in their puerile attempt to curry public sympathy by playing the victim. We will, however, never succumb to falsehood and cheap blackmail.

LASAA will remain steadfast and committed to its responsibility and the dictates of the law without being partisan.

For the avoidance of doubt, indiscriminate pasting of posters will not be permitted anywhere in Lagos until political campaigns have been formally flagged off, in accordance with INEC guidelines. Even at that, it must be done at designated sites.

The guidelines will be enforced without prejudice against any political party, association or aspirant.

Lagosians will not be distracted by any political party or candidate who tends to whip up sentiments to gain public sympathy.

Prince Adedamola Docemo

July 28, 2022

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