Shalina Healthcare signs Emmanuela, and Mark Angel as ambassadors for Polygel, Hemoforce Plus - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Shalina Healthcare signs Emmanuela, and Mark Angel as ambassadors for Polygel, Hemoforce Plus

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L-R: Suresh Karuppiahsamy, Head of Consumer Business, Shalina West Africa; Emmanuella Samuel, Child Actor/Brand Ambassador, Mark Angel, Skit Producer, Arun Raj. Managing Director  & Head of Shalina  West Africa,  and Olufemi Laleye, Brand Manager, Hemoforce Plus and Polygel during the official contract signing held at Shalina Healthcare Nigeria office in Lagos.

The management of Shalina healthcare has signed on comic duo Emmanuela and Mark Angel as ambassadors for two of her products, Polygel and Hemoforce Plus.

In a brief event that was held at the Lagos head office of the healthcare company, the duo of Emmanuela and Mark Angel were unveiled to the media and general public as new ambassadors.

The event was anchored by the Head of corporate marketing, Folorunsho Alaran.

In different speeches, Arun Raj and Suresh Karuppiahsamy took turns to highlight the reason for signing Emmanuela and Mark Angel. Both senior team members of the Shalina Healthcare Nigeria stressed that the impact of the comic duo on several people in and outside Nigeria stood out and became the basis for facilitating their coming on board as ambassadors.

The Senior marketing manager, in person of Sandeep, said both Emmanuela and Mark Angel share similar qualities as Polygel and Hemoforce Plus, Sandeep shared comparisons of the qualities that stood Polygel and Hemoforce Plus out in Nigeria as well as Emmanuela and Mark Angel out of comic acts in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, the brand manager of Polygel and Hemoforce Plus, Olufemi Laleye explained that while Polygel possesses two major compositions of Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminium Hydroxide that gives rapid relief to hyperacidity and flatulence, Hemoforce plus syrup leads the market as the blood builder for post malaria anemia.
Laleye also shared a recent survey which proclaimed Polygel as the most prescribed antacid by medical doctors in public hospitals.

Meanwhile, Mark Angel and Emmanuela heaped praises on the management of Shalina for deeming it fit to sign them on as ambassadors for two products. 

Mark Angel, in his speech, had given a testimony of how one of the products from Shalina helped reduce the impact of an ulcer on him. Emmanuela also stated that Mark Angel’s testimony on the efficacy of one of Shalina’s products makes the signing a unique one for the team.

Mark Angel promised to take the message of the two products, Polygel and Hemoforce Plus to the grassroots as the management of Shalina Healthcare would expect of his team.

Emmanuela and Mark Angel join Broda Shaggi, who is the ambassador for anti-malaria medication, Sharlatem, one of the medications manufactured by Shalina Healthcare.

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